What I Wore.....

.....or will be wearing next week!
I took a week off of picture taking of my own outfits
and thought I would share a few things I WILL be wearing next week!

With a link to a great sale, my favorite jeggings and my first pair of TOMS!
Just purchased both of these tops yesterday! Both on sale for $39.95 each.
From Anthropologie. Found here and here.

You know my everyday Jeggings from Nordstrom...the Standard + Practice ones?
Well they are back in stock online at Nordstrom.
Thought you might like the link.
They are only $38 and found here!!
{I wear a Large...hope that helps you with sizing.}

Burlap TOMS!
Can't wait to get these babies.
I wear Kaia's from time to time and they feel like slippers.

And in honor of my new name Funky Vintage *Lovely*,
I will be introducing my new spring jewelry line tomorrow
here on my blog that will be available in my shop next week
with a special discount code!

Want a chance to win a pair of my earrings?
My new bloggy friend, Jen, is hosting a giveaway here!
It will go live today at noon.

Happy Hump Day as my hubby would say!

{Linking up with Lindsey again this week for accountability and inspiration!}
{as I sit here still in my workout clothes from this morning}

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  1. I so wish I could wear that yellow color. It makes me look yellow. Great top!

  2. Ooh, I have been going back and forth about getting TOMS for so long! Love the burlap ones!

    JUST saw you changed your name to FVLOVELY!!!! So excited that you found the one you love! It's perfect. :)

  3. love the TOMS. i have the navy canvas ones and i LOVE them! but the burlap ones are awfully cute....may have to add those to my collection. i don't buy a lot of shoes but TOMS are so comfy they are totally justifiable:)

  4. Love the striped cardigan! Cute!

  5. OOOh that striped cardi is just bee-you-tee-ful! LOVE it! I have yet to own a pair of Toms but those are cute!

  6. Aggh! I've been wanting your jeans for so long! They don't have them at our Nordstrom here! Before I order them, I'm not sure what size I would wear. I know you said you ordered a large, would you typically order a medium? But had to order up because they run small? Please let me know!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

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  8. Hi!
    Love your new stuff and your new blog name. It is very fitting!
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. I love my burlap TOMS! And the other 5 pairs I now own. But my burlap have outlived my canvas ones.

    I totally want to check out a pair of jeggings but waiting until I lose my last 10 lbs!

  10. I love my burlap TOMS! And the other 5 pairs I now own. But my burlap have outlived my canvas ones.

    I totally want to check out a pair of jeggings but waiting until I lose my last 10 lbs!

  11. Love your new Toms...

    I think I need my second pair, other than my gold ones...

    Love the Anthro goodness!

  12. Oh man, we are getting the new spring TOMS in this week and can't wait to get the yellow sunwashed on my toes. Those burlap are def. a best seller though! Can't wait to see the new stuff!

  13. Love those tops! So nice to freshen up for Spring! Can't wait to see your new line. Oh and the new name sticks and completely suits you and your blog! Excited for you!

  14. Can't wait to see your new pretties!

  15. love all your new stuff. I adore that striped cardi! I have a pair of grey TOMS, you are right they are like slippers!

  16. Lovely clothes. I am curious (and nervous) to see what I will be able to wear in about a week. I have a feeling I will need a pick me up outfit or two when my post baby body is revealed. Those shoes look deliciously comfy.

  17. Fantastic blog! I love finding new blogs!!
    Hope you'll check out Style Files-your go to place for all thing stylish, on FB!


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