What I Wore + New Ring in the Shop!

It's Wednesday....again!
Linking up with Lindsey and a whole bunch of cute girls committed to getting out of sweatpants every day! Well, I'm really not a sweatpant kind of girl, but I am a get half way ready for my day kind of girl. So...this makes me put it all together.

I was ready for spring...and bought some bright colors!
Silky Floral Sleeveless Blouse - Old Navy
Turquoise Cardigan - Old Navy
Jeggings - Standard + Practice from Nordstrom
Brown Boots - Nine West Outlet
Sweet + Simple Blossom Necklace - Mustard Mum - Funky Vintage Kitchen Shop!

I can't wait to wear this outfit showing a little ankle!
You know...cuffed jeans and ballet flats.
Too bad we have like 10 days of rain starting today.
Oh well, it lets me wear this next sweater a lot!

This is one of my 'all-time' favorite sweaters.
And, yes, I have two of them. This one and a dark grey one.

Sweater - Margaret O'Leary Boutique in San Francisco
{bought with my brother on one of our date days to his dr. appts.}
Ruffled Dark Grey Tank - J. Crew Outlet
Same Jeggings + Same Boots.
BUT.....brand new ring in the shop!

I am seriously IN LOVE with this vintage inspired fabric blossom ring.
Four rings available right this very minute.
More to come soon.

Welcome Spring!
{Well almost.}

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  1. love the new ring. super cute!!! and springy....oh so springy! will wearing the ring make spring arrive faster???


  2. I also love the new ring! It's like spring in a ring!

  3. The new ring is awesome! Makes me want spring to hurry up and get here.

  4. Super cute! Love the turquoise cardigan and the new ring! And I am on the hunt for the perfect jegging. I'm so jealous of yours!

  5. riddle me this, is there a blogsite committed to moms that stay in their sweatpants all day? i want to join that one...ha.

    you are kuh-yute as usual...

  6. the new ring is tooo precious and I just LOVE the color of that cardigan!! :) Yeah Spring!

  7. Love your new ring...so cute! And, loving your spring outfit, the aqua cardi is adorable....bring on Spring!

  8. Very cute! I wouldn't mind showing a little ankle either!

  9. Love the bright cardi, and those boots!

  10. I hate that new top....please put it IMMEDIATELY on your blog sale! Seriously April, your style is FABULOUS. This little NH girl is picking up style tips left and right from you. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


  11. That ring is beautiful! I also love your Keep Calm+Carry On charm necklace-it's so feminine and cute!

  12. oh yes - that IS a super cute ring! So nice and spring-y!!!

  13. That new ring is uber cute! I need to wear cute rings more often. Oh and I love your shop. (Visiting from Lu Bird Baby). God bless!


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