This Weekend....

This weekend I finished organizing my work space.
Until the studio is completed, my dining room/kitchen is my work space.
It feels so good to have it look so pretty.

This weekend Dave and I went on a date
to an amazing junkyard to find items to recycle.
I was so excited with our finds that I could hardly stand it.

This weekend
I ate.....
a loaded baked potato,
a cookie and cupcake top,
Sonic for breakfast with tater tots and a cherry limeaid,
french fries from Wendys,
5 salted chocolate truffles,
4 lemon bars,
hagen daaz ice cream cone,
another cherry limeaid,
two pieces of cake,
a pulled pork sandwich,
one hot chocolate with three refills of whipped cream,
chicken noodle soup,
BBQ potato chips
and a corn dog.

Last night I felt sick.

Today I start a 6 week weight loss challenge.
15 teams, 5 people on a team,
all trying to lose the most weight.
Today I will limit my sugar intake.
Today I will probably be grouchy.
Tomorrow too.post signature


  1. awww look at all your fabric aligned so perfectly:) can't wait to see the goodies that will come from that!

    and good luck on your weight loss! you can do this!!!

  2. Good luck on you weight loss challenge! I started a diet yesterday and I'm pretty grumpy about it too.
    PS. I need a door just like the one you were scoping for my headboard. I'm going to hunt for one this week.

  3. Good Luck on your 6 week challenge! Keep us all updated. I am also starting a new program this week and could use some inspiration!

  4. I find that there is no better motivation to strap myself on to the weightloss wagon than to totally overindulge to the point of wanting to hurl. You can do it!!

  5. Good luck with your weight loss challenge! And I love that you and your husband went on a date to a junkyard ;)

  6. Shall I tweet what I eat today and tomorrow? I will to hold myself accountable.

  7. my fabric would stay like that for approximately 24 hours. that's my excuse for never cleaning. ;-)

  8. Oh how I love me some beautiful fabric!:)
    Good luck on the weight loss challenge. I always thought it would be fun to do a challenge-itd be a great way to stay accountable(esp with the possibility of being the winner(s) at the end). Im reading Made to Crave right now and its THE best book Ive ever read on the topic of food/weight loss and putting it all into perspective. Good luck!
    Oh and I just posted that Id love to get new followers on Twitter. Just search "HandbagPigtail" and thats me!

  9. will you blog about your weight loss progress? i'd love to hear more about your eating plan!

  10. Urban Ore??!!? Love that place. I can spend a lot of time there. :)

    Good luck with the sugar thing.
    {do you have to give up Cadbury eggs? That could be a problem for me this time of year.}



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