Funky Vintage.....?

I know most of you said....Studio...but my gut said Lovely. I hope you love it!

My thought is that everyone dreams of owning a studio.
It's professional. Classy. It validates.
I loved Funky Vintage Studio. But it was too safe.

I wanted a business name that made me giddy.
Funky Vintage Lovely describes everything I want to create.
It creates a feeling in me that gives my tummy butterflies.
Like opening a package with such anticipation to see what is inside.
It allows me to create anything I desire.

Dave says it's the right name for me too, but he is choosing to just say
Funky Vintage! I don't blame him.
It is a girly name.
Just what I wanted!

So...please pardon our dust while we make the changes
this next week. I'll be introducing new product throughout the week
with special Spring discount codes.

Right now FunkyVintageLovely.com
will take you to the same landing page.
And my links should work to my shop this whole week!

I'll keep you updated on any other changes.
Thanks for your love and support during this time of growth.

P.S. Our camping trip was wonderful. A much needed break for Dave. I forgot my camera. So bummed. But we had a blast. Probably one of our best camping trips in a long time!

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  1. aw..its *lovely*
    great name and totally suits you because you, my friend, are lovely!!!
    so exciting!!

  2. You know I love it - so great and so YOU! Can't wait to see the new products and your little revamp! Also thrilled you had a fantastic camping trip!

  3. Great choice on the name! The most important thing is that it represents YOU and what you're offering. You hit the nail on the head. And Im glad to hear you had a good trip.:)

  4. follow your instincts! all the names were cute...

  5. Love it! That was my fave but I didn't want to hurt your feelings if you decided on another one. Kind of like naming a baby, you know? "What? You don't like Beatrice Gertrude??!!" ;) See, now I've offended all the Beatrice's out there...

    Congrats and I share in your excitement!

  6. ya gotta go with your gut! i think it's great :-)

  7. Even though I voted for Studio, I love Lovely! Suits you. :)

  8. I think I voted Studio but Lovely seems better to me now. Good Choice!!

  9. LOVE "Lovely" :-)

  10. I LOVE it! And it definitely suits you and your shop and all of the "Lovely" you bring to the world :)


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