Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Dear Ape,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the kind things that you do for me. It's not that you didn't do nice things for me before but lately I have noticed that you go out of your way to do the little things. For instance I asked you to drop everything this evening and come with me to a job to take some photos for me. Usually I would ask and you would say "DAVE I'm busy right now I have to go," and then I would say "of course you do" in the most sarcastic tone possible. So when you said sure I'll be right out that was awesome. I know that you had a hundred things to do and you put them on hold for me and that is what I have wanted for a long time. So I want you to know how thankful I am.

I also want you to know that I am thankful that you did not crush my ankle with the trailer hitch this weekend camping when you were supposed to put the truck in drive and instead put the truck in reverse!

Love, D

We passed another test this weekend....Camping! With no arguments. For some reason camping in the past seemed to be a bit of a stressful time. The drive up with the kids in the back seat fighting. Trying to find a place to park the trailer and then setting it up. I think that we are both just wanting to get away and relax, but camping for some unknown crazy reason, becomes like a natural 'clean out' for our little guy Blake too. Like seriously, we can't find drugs that clean his bowels out like camping. I know it is the activity. While camping he is always running, riding his bike or off exploring which in turns means always filled to the brim with #2.

But this weekend, we took turns. And we kept our cool during setting up of the trailer...yes even when I almost crushed Dave's ankle because I was in reverse instead of drive. Our friend was even impressed we were still talking after that incident!

I think what has most changed in our relationship is what Dave mentions in his letter to me. We are both willing to give the other person the one thing that means the most to the other.....our attention. And, it's really making a difference!

Now for some fun. Have a question for us regarding our marriage or relationships in general? Dave wants to play 'Dear Abby' but 'Dear Dave' instead. C'mon...it will be fun! You can either leave a comment here or send him an email at davenapril@aol.com.

Ok...I made that up about Dave wanting to play 'Dear Abby' but he really does have a fun and great perspective on life! So ask away about anything. He'll answer and love it. Every Tuesday he checks comments on his phone all day long. He secretly wants to be a blogger!

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  1. My husband wont let me anywhere near the truck or camper when he is hooking it up/ and unhooking it. That's the way I like it too :)

  2. I love to read your letters on Tuesdays...

    I will email Dave a question!!!

  3. I love reading your letters. This one especially made me chuckle because both scenarios sound especially like my husband and I!!!!!

  4. Your April and Dave Tuesdays are truly inspiring. I think my Hubs and I could really benefit from something like this.....if only I could get him to see the greatness in blogging. He's a bit of a conspiracy theorist about the internet though. Boo.

    And my only true reaction to your incident of drive/reverse is at least you did it on accident. I'm fairly certain I've put it in drive before when Hubs was standing in front of my car. On purpose. :) Terrible, I know.

    I've missed coming by. I will make better efforts. I keep saying this....blah.

  5. Thanks for making me look forward to my Tuesday blog reading! Very enlightening and inspiring. I'm thankful you include both the good and the bad. I appreciate it!

  6. camping?! oh you are a sweet lady to go on such trips...

    ya'll are cute. love your love letter.

  7. Just wanted to drop in and say how much I love these posts. They continue to be my favorite. thing. on. the. internet.


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