Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series and a Bachelor Re-Cap.

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WE have been working on 'JUST BECAUSE' things. Like little notes, kisses, kind acts....just because. With no strings attached. No hidden agendas.

Dear Dave,

I do think about you all day. I know you sometimes question that. So I'm sending you this email, not because you said last night that I never email you, but because I want you to know that I am thinking about you right.this.very.minute. We are both working so hard and so many hours going in different directions but with the same goals. Love you. Hope you are having a productive day. I'm trying.

♥ april

Dear Ape,

I love you. That means so much to me. Thanks.


We are in a really good place right now. Not necessarily on a high or low, but managing daily life and remembering to put each other first. If you are fairly new to our 'Dear Dave + April' Series see our journey by clicking on the link on our sidebar ------------->.

We've come a long way since December!!

Now on to a different kind of love....The Bachelor. For the past four seasons, I have done Bachelor Re-Caps. I miss them dearly. Here goes overnight dates.....re-capped by me! And Dave. He watches it with me....but don't let on that you know, it might ruin a good thing I've got going.

I don't know if I see South Africa as romantic as I see it adventurous.
C'mon ABC we don't need all these re-caps. Let's get on with the night.

I'm so tired of Ashley's ponytail.
Even in evening gowns she does the same pony.
I mean I'm a ponytail girl, but I think I'd change it up a bit.

Oh...just remembered I can fast forward through the re-caps!
Oh those elephants are gorgeous in their wrinkly goodness.

I want to go on a safari ride. Seriously. Those lions.
I love the music they are playing with each animal sighting!

Ya, I'm not sure I could totally relax there by the river and enjoy myself.
I like Chantal and Brad together. And Brad misses her family.
Yup Chantal, he found out who you are.
A freakin' rich girl!
Nothing wrong with that.

Honestly, the show's a little boring with crazy pants, Michelle gone.
Wish she would have stayed around longer.
Brad's nervous twitch...knuckle cracking.
That or he is really excited that Chantal is so ready to get married.
Oh she sounds like she is going to be a loosy goosy in the fantasy suite.

That treehouse is amazing. OK....maybe South Africa can be romantic.
No shutting the doors on the camera. Ha.
And, I can bet that miss hot mess crying pants Chantal
will not be OK with what happens in the fantasy suite with the other girls.

Dave wants to know if he bangs all the girls in the fantasy suite?
That Emily is a cutie patootie.
Oh I love that Brad is thinking about including Ricky.
You can tell Brad is really sincere about his thoughts about Ricky.
Sometimes I'm not a big fan of Brad...but he just won me over.
That darn Emily is hard to read.

Brad's reaction to Emily is always so guarded.
Why does he always have to have his hand half way in the girl's mouth when they kiss.

I'm with you Ashley.
I do not like the idea of a helicopter either.
Pretty much can say that I won't get on one.
Good thing I won't be going on The Bachelor.
Ashley, your pockets hanging out of the daisy dukes...not cool.

Dave does not like the fact that he is sweet talking all three girls.
It shows just how loyal he is to his one girl. Lucky me!
Dave thought he should just marry Emily if he tells her that he is falling in love with her.
I think Brad is thinking he will hold Ashley back.
Dave said...Ashley, he's kicking your butt to the curb right now.
But these girls never HEAR it.
That killed the chemistry.

This dinner date is painful.
She can't explain herself.
Does she want to be a wife, mother, dentist.
All of the above.
That's what he wants to know.
I think he is done.
She is trying hard not to cry.
Oh that was horrible.
The awkward continued.
At least Ashley recognized it.
If she would have cried at least he would have known how much she cared.

Ashley's outfits for the rose ceremonies are hideous.
And, there is the ponytail again.
He is a mess at this rose ceremony.
It's like he is walking her out already.
She is pissed off.
Gosh darnit Ashley.
Answer them.
Why can't you?
They cannot communicate.
Kick her to the curb...says Dave.

That was the most frustrating thing to sit through.
I just wanted to scream through the TV...answer his questions.
She deserves to leave.

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  1. love the *love notes* you and your hubs share!

  2. April, your a sweetheart & funny!
    I thought I was the only person in the world that still watched the Bachelor. Loved your recap. It's funny cause my husband had made similar comments like Dave.
    Too funny!
    Love your love note's!
    Have the most wonderful day!
    Shelly xo

  3. I cant tell you how refreshing it is to "see" you two working on your marriage. We all have such rosy colored glasses when we get married, but then reality hits. Marriage takes hard work. And its rare to see couples working at it. Too many just give up. So thank you:)

  4. I've never really gotten into the bachelor but your re-caps are a lot better than the show ;) Hope you and your fmaily are having a great week!

  5. You've obviously never been to South Africa if you don't see it as romantic. It is absolutely magical in every way. I am so, so envious of them. I think the Bachelor is an awful show but I clicked past it last night and I had to watch for the location, now unfortunately, I am going to have to watch again next week because they are going to be in South Africa, the most beautiful city in the world.

  6. My husband once said, "Now that I've been married for a while, I see why so many people get divorced." He was serious, but he didn't mean it like it sounded.

    He meant that marriage is HARD WORK, and so many people don't want to work hard at it. We've been married now for more than 15 years, and it's still "hard" a good bit of the time ... but it's worth it. Still loving your series!

    And loving The Bach recaps. We share a brain, you and I.

  7. this is goooooooood. we had some of the same stuff- pockets/daisy dukes, no thanks!

    and good question dave... does he do it with them? im thinking no with brad but past bachelors... definitely. imagine if there was a bachelor fantasy suite pregnancy one day with a girl he DIDNT choose. oh my.

  8. This is so insightful, thank you for this both April and Dave. I'm learning a lot. Now I have to get my hubby to read too! Watch out Oprah!

  9. love this week's edition of april & dave! so so sweet ♥

    i'm looooving the bachelor this season! i'm pretty sure the only one that drives me nuts this year though is brad. i kind of want to punch him every he makes one of those girls feel like crap for having a feeling or two that he hasn't deemed as acceptable.

    have a fabulous day! hope you found some whipped cream!

  10. Loved this one!!!! Kudos to you. =)


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