Come Back Monday....

....for my new Shop/Blog name!
We are busy working on it behind the scenes right now.
Funky Vintage isn't going anywhere...just kitchen.
Plus next week, I'll be introducing a new
Spring Sweet + Simple Blossom Necklace,
a new color in the Keep Calm + Carry On Necklaces,
and a new Fabric Ring!
I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.
Each new item is so lovely.

We are off camping this weekend.
Riding dirt bikes with our friends.
Well I might not ride a dirt bike this trip,
but Dave + I are dreaming of taking a nap while camping.
Doesn't that just sound lovely?

And speaking of lovely...
did you see that the La La Lovely ring was re-stocked in the shop?
Well...it is. I've been wearing mine all week!
I promise you'll get lots of compliments!

And one last bit of business.
I will be packaging up March's Pretty Little Lovelies Club item
on Wednesday to each lucky member. It's not too late to join.
It's so fun getting happy mail, and it is even more fun
for me to get the happy e-mails from members that are so excited with their item!

I'll see you on Monday!post signature


  1. Have fun camping, we still have snow on the ground here! I can't wait to see the new shop/blog name! Have a great weekend!

  2. oh have fun with the family...i look forward to your new stuff for sale, even though i am thinking of starting the 30 for 30 this monday and will not be able to buy anything for 30 days...oh how will i survive???


  3. You have fun on your camping trip! Love that ring....too cute!

  4. Have fun camping! Can't wait for my next new lovely to arrive! :) I have been wearing my ring and loving it soooo much!

  5. Sounds like you have been busy and it all sounds wonderful! Enjoy the time with your family this weekend!!


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