Bright + Cheery Magnetic Chalkboards/Recipe Holders!

Look what has been added to the shop! Found here.

There are only 7 available this very minute but Dave + I spent Saturday shopping for more supplies.

While out shopping we found some amazing yellow + white floral chairs for our dining room. I knew they would be perfect. As soon as I loaded them up in my cart three ladies tried to take them from me. Sorry ladies, I found them first!

Sunday we had our first 'grandparents dinner' with both my parents and Dave's parents. We gave them each a coupon for Christmas that promised a dinner a month. January + February came and went and I was determined to not flake out in March. The table was set, games were played and chicken pot pie + green salad were served for dinner. A great time was had by all and a beautiful tradition was started. The kids loved the attention from their grandparents and it allowed us all to catch up a bit.

You would think that with all of us living in the same town we would see each other all the time. Not with all of our busy schedules. So it was nice to carve out special time!

What did you do this weekend?

Oh, and guess what is shining in my court this morning....

Beautiful SUNSHINE!

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  1. What a great dinner idea! And isn't the sunshine just gorgeous, as well as those chairs...

  2. Those chairs are AHHHHmazing! I'm jealous. I would probably have tried to take them from you too!

  3. Ooooooh, I LOVE those chairs. And I love adding upholstered chairs in a dining room. Those are perfect!!! I'm not surprised those ladies tried to take them from you ;)

    And what a lovely tradition to start with your families! Neither of our families live by us but I can imagine it's not easy to get everyone together at the same time!

  4. those chairs are to die for! where did you buy them from?

  5. LOVE those chairs!! Sounds like your dinner was a hit....great idea!!

  6. Love the new recipe holders, great idea. Love the chairs, perfect color, and LOVE the grey keep calm, carry on necklace I bought from you as well as the yellow rose ring. I will be buying MORE from you soon. I got so many compliments when I wore your things!

  7. I LOVE the new recipe holders!!!!!!

  8. the chairs are amazing!!! but i might love the stuffed leopard print dog bone under the table more. ;)


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