The Bachelor Re-Cap....Women Tell All.

Brad just finished his re-cap.
I like him. I'm a fan.
More in casual conversation than scripted dates.

Oh...Bachelor Reunions.
I love me some of those.
Yay! Bachelor Pad again.

Casey and Erika Rose.

Ashley H. got a total makeover.
I almost didn't recognize her.

Chris Harrison is looking good.
I like his hair a little longer.

I think Michelle and the Producers had fun.
Got caught up in the moment.
And it's coming back to bite her in the butt.
But, speaking of butts, I'm a sucker for an apology.
I'm a sucker for sometimes we do things that we regret.
Sometimes we say things that get taken the wrong way.
I feel really bad for Michelle.

Honestly, I hardly remember the Melissa and Rachel feud.
It feels like so long ago.
And, I dubbed Michelle crazy pants?
Melissa deserves that title too.
I forgot about the awkward pizza and onion story!

I agree, Chris, I like seeing this side of Michelle.
She was the best narrator ever.
And, now I am a huge fan of Chris Harrison
for guarding and protecting Michelle's heart.
Just kidding.
No really, that is a sweet man.

I think a lot of Michelle's emotions are coming from a lot of regret of how she had fun with the Bachelor playing the crazy game. But I think the Producers really had a hand in it and they had fun with it without Michelle realizing the consequences. I really do think she is quite sarcastic and could be really funny. I mean she did make Monday nights hilarious!

Ya...shut Jackie up. Please.
Another point for Chris Harrison.

Ashley S. has got to be the cutest thing.
A tall drink of water and a butt grab!
And...her accent.
She reminds me of Kellie Pickler.

Oh my goodness...Ashley H.'s dress is really just a shirt.
I'm not sure if I like her better blond or brunette.
Bangs, no bangs. I don't know that I have an opinion.
She definitely looks younger with bangs.
She is definitely the Shut Down Queen.
I've never been a fan of her wardrobe.
Is that a zipper down the front of her dress?
I agree, the New Ashley is darling!

Brad is handling himself very well.
Oh, I like his answer to Ashley H.
'so much time reassuring instead of getting to know each other.'

Yay for the shout-out to South Africa!
I was schooled by my friend Kirsty that it is romantic!
And those kids....oh they look so sweet and happy.

Oh...little smirk for Chantel....
bigger smirk, trying to cover, when Emily's name was said!
We shall see.

The funnies were great!!post signature


  1. Hilarious!! I completely agree on the Michelle thing and I like the new hair on Ashley.

  2. I think Ashley's pretty, regardless, but I thought she looked a little cuter with the old hair. I think the bangs close her face off a little bit.

    I found Michelle very entertaining during the season, and even if she DID come across as a little psycho at times, I couldn't BELIEVE how harsh the other women were with her last night. I felt like she was a bunny rabbit being ripped apart by jackals. I was so disturbed by it all ... YIKES.

  3. Love your recap! I don't know why but I get sucked in every darn season! lol

  4. LOL! Hope you get to experience the romance for yourself someday soon :)


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