Bachelor Re-Cap....Final Rose

You can tell immediately that Brad really is in love.
I think that is why he cried when he saw his family.
He knows he's in love.
Oh Brad....don't do the 'Jason'.
Crying while laying over the banister.
Phew. That was a close call.

Loved the meeting the family.
Chantal was just a little over the top.
She's an open book.

But Emily rocked it.
I loved that his mom cried.
And, that the family loved her even though
Brad thought she was more private.
Loved that his brother called her 'poised'!!
And the sisters knew they would relate immediately to her
and get to know her faster.

Oh my gosh...that shark date!
Chantal...tuck in your ta ta's please.
We know you have them.
Pretty sure your parents bought them for you.
We don't need to see them anymore.

There is something that just seems guarded when Brad is with Chantal.
The gifts make it awkward because what happens to the gift when the girl isn't picked.

Emily's dress/shirt....a little too short.
Oh, that night date was painful.
Emily...stop talking.
You ARE blowing it.
The horse is dead.
He is ALL IN.
Ready 100%.
He knows what it is going to take.

That ring is Gorgeous.
They all are.

Oh he just said, 'I hope she loves me back.'
He knows Chantal loves him.
No question.
So I think it is Emily he is picking.
He's still quite not sure.

Oh Chantal's out first.
How long until the 'but'.
She is going to be heartbroken.
Oh this is so hard to watch.
Brad...don't ask...'are you ok?'
Please...she is not going to be OK.
Oh so classy Chantal.
You are a sweetheart.
Chantal is taking the high road.
She is trying so hard not to ugly cry.

I'm not loving either dress.
I've been disappointed this whole season with outfits.
I hope Emily keeps her mouth shut...except to say YES.

Oh Brad did a great job.
Nerves and all.
They are too cute together.
Nervous jitters.
They couldn't take their hands off each other.
It was so perfect!

Now I'm going to watch the 'After the Final Rose'.
I have to say I loved Brad and this season.

Ok wait...Chantal looks amazing.
She sounds like she is barely holding it together.
Looks like she has already been crying too.
Love Chantal's short dark nails.

I love that they both agreed it was awkward.
And it sounds like Chantal might be in more hot water than Brad
with her new beau for crying over Brad so much.

The previews just scared the crap out of us {I'm watching with girlfriends}
with Emily and the previews.

Wow...they were going to get married that fast.
I'll tell you who WOULD have married him right now.

I can see the tabloids eating Emily up.
AMEN to what relationship is a fairytale!

{although Dave and I are there right now
in our own fairytale}

It's almost more awkward with Brad and Emily
than it was with Brad and Chantal.
This is horrible.
Not liking Emily as much as before.
She doesn't listen and trust him.
It is so hard for her I'm sure to watch the show afterwards.
But that's the show.
Watching this in awe.
Love the honesty.
And...honestly, I hope they work out.

Clapping that she sees herself marrying him!

Ok...signing off!
Night girls.

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  1. haha, loved this play-by-play!
    it's true about the gifts...what's he going to do with that map Chantal made him now??


  2. I hoped he would choose Emily, but MAN is she a poor communicator. Unless they edited it out, there was much more she could have said when she was grilling him about how tough it is to be a parent than, "I really just, I just want to be sure you know it's not easy. I just, I just want you to understand ..." GEEZ. I would've wanted to give up on her then. VOCAB, Emily, VOCAB. Work it.

    While watching ATFR, I wasn't sure they were going to make it. I'm still not. It makes me sad, but the nature of the show puts new couples at a distinct disadvantage from the get-go. For the record, Brad's Monday nights and Tuesday mornings would have sucked if *I* were the one he chose, too. Hard to watch him sucking face and spending the night with other women, even if you know those are the rules of the game.

  3. i absolutely live for your recaps! Love em!

  4. Great recap... were you reading my mind? :)

  5. You capped it just like I viewed it. Brad is so totally smitten and in love and wanting to make it work. I think she's sabotaging on purpose and is going to use all the things she said against him, but honestly??? I don't think she's that into him. I don't think it has anything to do with how he behaved during the show. He tried to make it work with every girl to see if they were right for him, and it was clear, in the end, who he wanted to be with. She's either THAT insecure or just trying to find an excuse for why she doesn't feel love for him.

    She never gave enough of herself during this show, for me. Part of it I kept blaming on the "southern belle" attitude. They always seem POISED, but to me that means guarded and surreal. I dunno...maybe I'm just a yankee at heart.

    Chantel was truly sweet. I liked her, boobs and all.

  6. Ha! I love it! What will we do with ourselves now?? :)


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