What I Wore....with friends!

It's really more like a 'What We Wore on Sunday' post this week.

I failed big time with not only documenting my outfits, but getting dressed this past week.
Sick kids, sick self, busy weekend...it just didn't happen.

But here are a few shots from Sunday, including my dear friend and her daughter's outfit!

Dress - Down East Basics {love love love this print}
Brown Boots - Nine West Outlet
Wood Button Ring - My FVK Shop

White Scalloped T-shirt - H & M
Black Cami - Down East Basics
Skirt - Dress re-fashioned into a skirt by me from Target
Flower Bobby - Coming Soon to my shop...promise!
Three finger flower ring - Forever 21

LYNNETTE {my friend}
I forgot to ask her all details about her outfit.
She just looked so dang cute, I asked if I cute snap a picture.
Lynnette is my shopping girlfriend. Always up for a quick trip to the mall.
I know her sweater is from Anthropologie.
Aqua Rose Sweet + Simple Blossom Necklace - FVK Shop

I am so fortunate to have dear friends that support my business so enthusiastically! It is exciting to see everyone wearing FVK items when we are together. This rose is so gorgeous with the mustard.

RACHEL {Lynnette's daughter}
She is a totally cutie too and always looks so cute on Sundays.
Today she is all about ruffles....even on her shoes!

And she wears FVK in her hair.
Blooming Felt Button Brooch - available from time to time.

We had warm weather this week. Like in the low 80's one day. It was crazy.
It made me clean out my closets a bit more which means.....

Blog Sale coming soon.
I've been gearing up for it for quite some time now.
Even got a new pretty blog to host all the goodness coming from my closet, ready to find a home in yours! Check it out here.

I'll be starting next week, posting a few items a day.

Oh, and I'm linking up with Lindsey and a fun group of girls over at The Pleated Poppy!

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  1. "In the 80's this week"? Are you kidding me? We are in a deeeep freeze here in Denver, I am so jealous! You and your girlfriends and little girlies look adorable! Love the straight backs and posed ankles...sweet!!

  2. Love all of the items and I think I'll have to check out your shop! I am also jealous of your weather! High in the teen's today in my part of TX.... though it could be up to 60 tomorrow! :)

  3. You all look sooo cute! And I love your dress! I really need to get on the band wagon and start joining WIWW (as I sit here in my PJ's) because I love seeing what everyone else is wearing!

  4. You are all adorable! I love the print dress!

  5. You all look great! I can't believe how big Rachel is!! She is adorable. She reminds me a lot of my Gabey baby. Say Hi to Lynnette for me.

    I heard Napa was especially beautiful on Sunday which was my birthday. Why wasn't I there???

  6. Fun print on your dress in the first photo. Your daughter is adorable and your friend is so chic! Fun post!

  7. Just found your blog. Looove it! I really like the look of the jeggings you wear called Standard + Practice jeans. Do you mind telling me where you bought those?


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