What I Wore - Blissdom + New Shoes

Joining up with sweet Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy
and a bunch of other cute girls for What I Wore Wednesday.

An accountability of sorts to get us up and dressed in the morning.
Although as I type this, I am in bed in jammies.
Have been all day with the stomach flu.

Kaia jumped into the mix this week. She looked so cute all dolled up with a rock n' roll t-shirt.
AC DC shirt - Forever 21
Skinny Jeasn - Hollister
Toms - Surf Shop in Southern CA

Me -
Black gathered shirt - Nordstroms
Jeggings - Nordstroms (I got two pair of the exact same kind)
Silver Ballet Flats - Old J. Crew
Sunday -
Navy Blouse - Anthropologie
Mustard Skirt - Anthropologie
Cream Tights - Forever 21
Green Mary Janes - Payless Shoe Source
I'm thinking mustard tights might be better next time!
And...now for some Blissdom fun!

New shoes for Blissdom. Broke in easy and were so comfy!

YoCrunch dolled us all up for a picture!
Me, Mique, Jessica & Kelly!

I only snapped two pictures of my outfits at Blissdom.
For the most part, I wore what you have already seen from my closet.

First outfit -
Cream Ruffled Tank - Anthro
Grey Boyfriend Cardigan - Target
Jeggings - Target Mossimo
Grey Ruffled Boots - Anthro
Red Carpet/Concert Outfit -
Grey Sequined Tank - J. Crew
Ruffled Black Cardi - Target
Ruffled Taffeta Skirt - Made by me
{the night before the leaving...no pattern}
Black tights - Target
Black Chunky Shoes - Anthro
New ruffled rose necklaces coming soon in the shop!

Here is a close up of the skirt and a sneak peek of the necklace.

And me being a bit of a rebel!

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  1. you are such a cute little *rebel*!
    and i'm glad you posted a picture of the skirt you made since i didn't see it at blissdom....great job! super cute!

  2. Very cute! I love your skirt that you whipped up last minute...

  3. as always...fabulously cute! feel better!

  4. Feel better! NICE job with the skirt. VERY impressive. Love the way the material gathers.

  5. Super cute!! Like everyone else, I am very impressed with your skirt-making abilities!

  6. Im so impressed with your beautiful skirt. Is it lined? Tell us how you made it please.
    Dawn @ CreativeCainCabin

  7. i need some soft pin-striped tights, those are so cute! and all your skirts are adorable! i need to buy more dressy clothes! you're totally cute!


  8. I have a rather personal question and I SO won't mind if you decide not to answer. But, I absolutely LOVE what you wear and how you style yourself. I, on the other hand, am a worthy candidate for "What Not to Wear."

    Here's my question: would you mind sharing your size and height? I feel our body types might be somewhat similar but I've never imagined your great style on myself..I mean, jeggings and skinny jeans? I never thought I could wear those, but you look so darn cute in them!

    Anyway, if you feel so inclined, you can email me at wendywillblog@gmail.com or hit me on the twiiter at @wendywillblog.


  9. fabulous shoes! I have a thing for shoes! Ha! Don't most girls?!

    Ashley @ www.acstylefiles.blogspot.com

  10. You are adorable! I love AprilKennedy style!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  11. LOVE your outfits! Visiting from Pleated Poppy & now following. I see you live in Napa! I love Napa! We live in the Bay Area :)

  12. You are darling! Love your style and the picture of you holding the sign is too cute. I think that you should photoshop the sign to say
    Don't you wish your wife or mom, was hot like me?
    Ha! :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  13. I have been devouring your blog for about a week now & I love everything about it! Your talent is amazing & your taste is absolutely impeccable.

    I really love your Sunday outfit & I cannot believe you got those green mary jane's at Pay Less! Plus the fact that you got 2 of the exact same pair of jeggings makes you a genius in my book. I have to say that I am a huge fan of your daughter's AC/DC shirt. I have 4 boys, but have always wanted to dress a girl up in vintage rock n' roll gear. She is a doll!

    I really hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. I followed you on twitter...just wanted you to know that, yes, I'm "that" girl!

  14. So glad I've stumbled upon your blog. I love your style. BTW, who are the flats by that you have from Nordies? The gray ones with the bow? OMG, they're adorable!

  15. Pretty please let me know what brand your cute green/navy bow flats are. Thanks so much in advance!



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