My Blissdom Post...Finally!

The thought of this post still overwhelms me.
But also makes me smile.
Really big.
So here it goes....

I met some fantastic people. Amazing women actually.
Women I felt an instant connection with. Women who were really sweet.
Women like Kami, Marie, Ruthanne, Melissa S., Dee, Maggie aka Gussy, Lisa Leonard, Allison, Arianne, Sara Sophia, Katie, Katie J. Kristi, Alison, Melissa B., Ashleigh, Calley, Nish, Lori, just to name a few. Ok maybe a lot. And I'm sure I'm still missing a few.

And then my sweet roommates....Mique, Jessica, Lindsey and Jeannettand party plane peeps Kelly and Angry Julie...all who I consider forever friends now.

These are all women who get me with regards to blogging. Who think like I do to some extent, who understand why I do what I do. Who also feel the need to write, blog, share. To be vulnerable.

Dr. Brene Brown was the opening keynote speaker {and in Gussy's own word}...YEOW!
She was amazing and she was just what us women bloggers needed to hear.

She taught us some important things. Things like....

Choose being creative over comparing.
Choose rest and play over exhaustion.
Choose to be kind.

We are worthy of love - believe in our own worthiness.

Vulnerability = Fear, Shame + Uncertainty...
but Choosing to Practice Vulnerability = Courage and Strength

And choosing Vulnerability allows us to feel the full spectrum of emotions including...

It felt so amazing to be validated. To be inspired. To be encouraged. My life is forever changed from this conference with regard to blogging. Forever friendships were made. Here are some of the pictures from my fun week at Blissdom!

Kelly, Mique, Jeannett, Jessica, Lindsey, Kami, Me
Angry Julie & Marie
{photo by Angry Julie}

Kelly texting, Lori, Lindsey, Jessica, me, Ruthanne
{photo by Lisa Leonard}

Alison & Me
{photo by Alison}

Me, Melissa B. Jessica, Ruthanne
{photo by Melissa B.}

Maggie {Gussy}, Me, Lisa Leonard
Two women willing to share their hearts and savvy business skills!

Lori, Kelly, Kami, Me, Jessica, Mique, Lindsey, Jeannett

Me, Mat Kearney, Mique, Michelle Branch, Kelly and some cutie.
{Photo by Angry Julie}

Me + Mique
{photo by Melissa S.}

Thank you new and old friends for making this conference amazing. And, thank you for letting me borrow your pictures. I did not take enough of my own.

Oh...and you say I look tan in all those pictures. I might have gotten a spray tan before leaving that turned orange. Uh-oh. Well it made for some fun jokes!

One more thing....we also learned when you be yourself, you are never in competition with anyone else. I loved this. It came from Melissa from The Inspired Room. It reminded me of this quote that I had made into a 4 x 6 card to hand out to my new friends

I came home with an extra one. I'd love for one of you to have it.
Leave a comment below and I will announce a winner tomorrow!
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  1. this is lovely april!!! i was so excited to be included in a list of such amazing women! it was an awesome experience!!!
    and i love love love all the photos you posted! great reminders of the {bliss}!!


  2. What a lovely wrap up! You girlies look like you had a BLAST! Love that quote, would love to win!

    PS - April, you look fabulous, happy and SO tall!

  3. Blissdom just looked so wonderful! How fantastic to be part of a group of creative women! I am so envious!

  4. April - Great post and great quote. I think you are an amazing woman. Hope to meet you at th Queen Bee in May.

  5. ooohh, i'd love to win. rings very true to my life right now!

  6. I love that quote- Would love to put it up in my craft room!

  7. I have loved that quite since the first time I saw it when you posted your blossom roommate gifts. Love it! Would love one!

  8. I just discovered your blog - love it! - and I found out about Blissdom too late to be able to go this year. I'm bummed about that, but I'm already excited to go next year. It sounds like it was a fabulous experience. :)

  9. That is a beautiful quote! Sounds like you had a wonderful and inspiring time at Blissdom..

  10. Count me in! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  11. How pretty! I LOVE that quote! I'm so happy that you had fun at Blissdom. Hope you're having a terrific Thursday! :)

  12. I just love reading your blog. I especially love that quote! I go to Hearts at Home(a conference for moms) every year and founder Jill Savage always says "Never compare your insides to someone elses outsides" or something along those lines. I always try and remember that when I start to compare myself to others. As a woman, it is one of the hardest things to remember. Because thats what we do, we compare!
    Blissdom looked like it was a blast! Maybe someday...

  13. Thanks so much for sharing about your experiences with us. Everything I've read about Blissdom seems like it was an amazing conference full of great information and lasting friendships. I totally want to go next year!

  14. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. LOVE that quote! I hope I win.


  16. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

  17. Sounds like you had an amazing time! The print you made is awesome!

  18. sooo fun! i was waiting to see this post!

  19. LOVE this quote!!! I'd LOVE to hang it in my office (when I get one that's not my dining room also) ;)

  20. I love that quote! I am so glad to see what a great time you had.

  21. Hi April,
    Looks like your time at Blissdom was wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  22. thanks for including me in the cool crafty girl's group.


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