A Little of This + A Little of That!

{locals packaging....I ♥ pretty packages}

1. MADDIE10 Coupon Code still gets you 10% off your order through today in the shop. I'll be posting more rings today and hopefully another cake plate or two. The first mailing for the Pretty Little Lovelies Club is going out tomorrow. Have you signed up yet? It's not to late to get a February package! It's going to be so much fun.

2. Blake starts Little League Baseball practice today. That is exciting, but it also reminds me that we have an 8 year old in diapers and it won't be as easy as dropping Blake off at practice and picking him up. It will mean that one of us will stay there with him {or run a very quick errand} and then if he does need to be changed, we will be sneaking off and trying to change him in our car. Huge pain in the butt...the whole changing in the car. While we feel fortunate that this is our biggest deal right now with his disability and we know it could be so much worse, it still makes me feel like I want to scream and cry at the same time.

3. Wait until you see what I am working on to fill the shop this weekend. Well the picture above gives a little peek. Dave saw our kitchen island and said 'wow that's a lot of stuff you are working on'. STUFF. I like to think of it as really pretty items. :) The colors and a new design are really exciting me. Plus I'm working on more Keep Calm and Carry On Necklaces in both turquoise and grey. Thanks for your patience.

4. Dave + I have a date night planned for Saturday night. It is dinner with some of our favorite camping friends!

5. My hair is blonder and a little shorter. I'm thinking that God has given me gray hairs so that I have the opportunity to try blond out. It totally hides the gray so much longer. But some days I miss my dark brown hair.

6. We will be working on Valentine's this weekend. Kaia has chosen these as her Valentine's and Blake has chosen to hand out these if we can find the magnifying glasses. We are borrowing other peoples' creativity this year and I'm totally OK with that!

7. I'm feeling like I am barely keeping my head above water these days but there is nothing I want to give up right now. Nothing really to say 'NO' to.

8. With that said, I'm hoping for a quiet weekend filled with just the right amount of work, play and relaxation. I feel like I need a weekend to just 'veg' but I'm not sure when that will happen. Could you imagine staying in your pj's all weekend long {and not be sick}. I need some snow days.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. What's on your mind right now? Any plans for the weekend? Have you ever spent the whole weekend in your PJ's?

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  1. Champagne Pedicure for me with a girlfriend this weekend, can't wait!

    I hope you and your hubby have a fabulous date night on Saturday! Enjoy and smile girl, busy is GOOD!

  2. Interpreting all day and then a much needed girls night tomorrow night is all I have planned. Staying in the PJs all weekend sounds wonderful right about now, though. lol
    Sorry you're feeling swamped right now, hope things slow down just a tad for you!

  3. We are heading to the snow and the weather is supposed to be wonderful! Hopefully I will get some R&R in this weekend while sipping hot chocolate and watching really bad reality tv shows after the sun goes down.. Have a great weekend April!!

  4. We've had 5 snow days in the last 2 weeks and I don't think I got out of my pj's before 4ish on every one of them! So this weekend I was looking forward to getting out and about, finishing up some projects...but unfortunately my little one has the flu. So it looks like I'll be cuddled up on the couch all weekend...not a bad way to spend it I just wish he wasn't sick :(

  5. Yay for your son. I hope he had a great time. : )


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