Easy Gourmet Mac 'n Cheese!

Our family has a new favorite dinner.
Like once a week favorite.
Like make it for dinner when our friends are coming over
favorite kind of dinner.

And the kicker is.....it's SUPER easy!

For our family of four.....
3 boxes of Trader Joe's 4 cheese Mac 'n Cheese in the freezer section.
1 box of cubed Pancetta in the fridge section.

The TJ's frozen mac is the most cheesiest and best frozen mac I've ever had. I put Pancetta in a frying pan over medium heat, sprayed with a little PAM, to cook until browned. While cooking the Pancetta, I heat in microwave the three boxes of mac 'n cheese {separately}.

Then mix together in a casserole dish to make it look as gourmet as it tastes.
*wink wink*

If you don't have a TJ's you could use your favorite mac 'n cheese and just add the Pancetta. You should be able to find that in any grocery store.

If we aren't quite ready for dinner, or when we have friends over and we are making two casserole dishes, I put it in the oven on low to keep heated and the cheese gooey.

We have Trader Joe's Spinach, Blue Cheese and Cranberry Salad with it.

Tonight we are having homemade chicken noodle soup.
Tomorrow night....Corned Beef + Cabbage because I can't wait until 3/17!

What are you planning for dinner tonight?

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  1. mmmmm....that looks tasty! unfortunately my husband will not come within a mile of mac and cheese. he never has....crazy huh? but i can put this on the list for me and the kiddos:)))

    love it! and your colorful little dishes!


  2. YUM!!! I wish we had a Trader Joes here in Kalamazoo MI... always have to go to one when we visit Chicago.

  3. Ok first off: are those latte bowls from Anthro? Ive been drooling over them online for over a month now. I love how colorful they are all stacked up!
    Last weekend I bought the PW's cookbook so we've been trying out a bunch of new recipes from that.
    My brother flies in tonight for my moms surgery(Wed) so I dont plan to be cooking much this week. Too much going on. There will probably be some big family dinners and some take-out going on.
    Have a great day!:)

  4. MMMmmm...that sounds fantastic! We are having lasagna! A family favorite!

  5. That looks really yummy! We are hving fried chicken with potato salad tonight and spicey noodles tomorrow night with salad! Have a great Monday!
    ~Molly P

  6. that looks yummy! and i love your dishes! last week, in an effort towards a more organized mama, i did some meal planning. i ended up going to 2 different grocery stores to get the ingredients for all the super meals i had planned. and out of all those meals we ate only ONE!! so tonight, we'll go back to that list and i'll make some chicken & ravioli carbonara.

  7. I have been reading your blog for a bit now! Your honesty is so refreshing. You ooze talent and i love your style!

    My blog has a crush on your blog.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Can we be friends?

  8. I agree that the Trader Joe's Mac 'n Cheese is the best I have ever had. I serve it with Trader Joe's Broccoli and Cauliflower combo and whatever salad stuff I can find in the fridge. It makes a great quick dinner! We are having leftover Corned Beef & Cabbage tonight. We had ours yesterday since we will be in Hawaii on St Patrick's Day! ♥ your blog! BTW, This is your old neighbor, Norma

  9. from the pic, with the glare it looked like the package said "rancetta" and i was like, who names their food product something that sounds like "rancid". but alas, it's PANcetta. my bad. LOL.

    it does look delish...

  10. Our closest Trader Joes is over an hour away and I hit it on our way home from the Boston Aquarium on Friday evening....then hit your blog that evening. Needless to say I was very disappointed I didn't grab the ingredients for this dish that looks fabulous and like something I could pull off. Next time April!

  11. That looks so good!

    I wish we had Trader Joes...you are lucky!


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