Dear Dave + April A Tuesday Series....Our Love Story

We thought we would take this week to share our love story with you. Two years ago I wrote our love story in parts....based on a poll I took from my readers. Essentially I gave them titles to short stories about us and they had to pick what order I shared them. In between Part One and Part Two of the story there is a piece of information that might just rock your world. Yup the very end of Part One...Story Seven. So without further ado....our love story!

And here we are today, almost 17 years later... still laughing, loving and working to keep this marriage strong that we hold so dear because we were finally loved so completely back. We hope you enjoy reading our story this week. I always love hearing how people met and fell in love.

We will be back next week to our love letters and what we are working on. Here's a hint....it's scheduling 'talk time' with each other daily because it is important.post signature


  1. Just read through all of the stories. My husband and I are met in junior hight and starting dating in high school. There is something about that early connection.

  2. 17 years?! Oh my gosh - that's soooo beautiful.


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