Another House Project....Just Shoot Me Now.

I know Christmas is over.
Don't tell anyone, but our tree is still in our backyard...in it's stand!
But the matter at hand is these drapes.
They are gorgeous. They are on every window in the main part of our house.
I have loved them but I think I am over them.
But they cost a fortune. So I am torn.

Here is the problem that is making me think new drapes are in order. They are heavy and there is no stud at the point in the wall where these need to hang. The rod and curtains have fallen off the wall more than once. Dave has repaired the wall a few times. But this last week, they fell again. This time the rod completely broke too.

I think I have found a replacement fabric for the drapery in our house.
What do you think?
Do you like it?

I think I love it. I want more color in the drapery.
I love the gray, green and turquoise.
The straw color in the flower is the same as the walls.

I've ordered a yard of it to touch it.
To tape it up on my wall.
To stare at it for awhile to make sure I really love it.

I'll keep y'all posted!
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  1. Love it!! Colors, Pattern, Everything! Do it!

  2. Take this like a grain of salt if you want, but...
    Don't do it.
    Add something to the drapes you already have!
    Give the money you would of spent on new drapes to a worthy cause.
    Your home looks beautiful.
    I love the new fabric, but I think you should leave the old ones.

  3. I think your existing ones LOOK fine, although it sounds like they're about to take your room down to the studs. ;) But I love the fabric you showed us, because it reminds me of you. The colors just shout "APRIL!"

  4. that fabric is you! and there is just a touch of the aqua color in it at the center of the flower to tie into the knobs in your kitchen. And since you have no wall dividing the living room and the kitchen this fabric would flow nicely...

  5. I have to admit, I have always coveted your drapes. I love them. But I love the new fabric too and I know it would give your home a whole new look. If they fit my windows I would totally buy your old ones.


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