What I Wore - Week 13

I switched it up a bit with the shoes this week.
One sweet commenter said that you gotta keep 'em guessing.
I like that. I also like my hubby's reaction to the new booties!
He said "you're not allowed out of the house in those!"

Linking up again with a bunch of sweet girls over at
The Pleated Poppy with Lindsey!

What I Wore Wednesdays helps us be accountable to actually put some effort into our outfits each week and for me, forces me to switch it up a bit!

Sweater + Striped Tank Blouse - Target
Cream Scoop Neck T - Nordstrom
Jeggings - Target Mossimo
Black High Heel Booties - Payless Shoe Source {last year}
Keep Calm + Carry On Charm Necklace - My Shop

I've got new digs for my shop and I'm celebrating.
Enter NEWDIGS10 for 10% every purchase.

Black Blouse - Forever 21
Jeggings - Target
Same Black Booties!
Sweet + Simple Rose Necklace in Grey - FVK Shop

White T - Target
Grey Baggy Cardigan - Nordstroms
Jeggings - Target {again}
Brown Boots - Nine West Outlet
Same Grey Rose necklace

Kaia's jumping in here again this week.
I purchased one of Lindsay's Ruffled Scarves in Mustard
and Kaia promptly stole it!

Yellow T-shirt Blouse - Anthropologie
Jeggings + Boots - same
Keep Calm + Carry On Ring in Grey - FVK

If your heading to Blissdom with me, I'm pretty sure you will see me in a few of these outfits.
I used this last week as a test run for a few just to measure comfort and mixing and matching for light packing!

* * * * *

I'm watching the Bachelor and am going through withdrawals not doing a re-cap post. They might have to start up soon again.

My thoughts so far.....

I'm really liking Brad. I was surprised.
Michelle, who is way too gorgeous, is crazy and needs to get over herself.

The girls dresses this season all look cheap.
Accessories are even worse.
I mean I love red and turquoise together,
but not for a cocktail party!

Lisa has messy messy hair.
And poor Sara was a hot mess with her mascara running all over the place.

And, I have to admit, I'm glad Vampire Girl went home.
But in the end, she seemed sweet.

What are your thoughts so far this season of Bachelor?

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  1. Well dad and I are in the Bachelor gang this season. I hate it when I watch the first episode - then I'm hooked! And dad happened to watch it with me. I couldn't stand vampire chick. Then I read the sweetest review about her. It was from one of the girls that went home. She said vampire girl was the sweetest, kindest girl there. Just goes to show - we do judge a book by its cover.


  2. Great outfits this week! I really like the yellow top!

  3. LOVE your outfits! Especially that grey Nordstrom sweater!

  4. I really only started watching The Bachelor because I loved reading the recaps ... before I ever watched the show! So yes, I miss your commentary and would LOVE to see it come back. :) Michelle is a total crazypants.

  5. I Loved Emily and Ashley's date outfits. They are my favorites so far. I didn't mind the dresses, but that is probably because I have no style and wouldn't really know what a good cocktail dress looks like. ha!

    I agree though, Madison did seem really sweet and NORMAL at the end. Wish she would have started off that way!

    Cute outfits you have!

  6. You look great, as usual. I got the same mustard scarf from TPP! Love it! You are going to have a ball in Nashville next week...can't wait to see pics!

  7. Love your style!!
    I went to buy a scarf and they were old sold out.. :-(

  8. Love your outfits - always. I especially love the jeans and the necklace - and new boots!

    Could Kaia be any prettier - she's got fantastic style and I love her scarf!

  9. Hello my cutsie wootsie bloggy friend. I've been MIA these last several WIWW weeks but I'm jumping back into the fashion fray this week.

    As always, I adore each of your outfits along with both pairs of boots. It's fun to switch things up--I tend to get stuck in a rut. Your daughter looks so cute too--love that yellow scarf.

    Have fun at Blissdom!

  10. You have the best style!! I love your scarf, went to buy it and they were all taken. Very cute outfits this week :)

  11. Loving all of your outfits..cute boot collection!!

  12. I have the same black and white striped cami ... and pretty much styled it the same way on new years eve... amd your booties are hot!... love Payless ;-)

  13. Dan knows that girl Michelle from high school & I think you're right... she's crazy.

  14. I think it's so cute that your daughter gets in on WIWW with you! Oh, and I'm totally stealing all of your clothes at Blissdom. Just so you'll know. I'll buy you some sweats to wear home on the plane.


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