What I Wore - Week 11

I messaged Lindsey this week. It went like this....

'I have 10 weeks worth of outfits documented.
Why is it that I have NOTHING to wear today!'

We decided it would be OK to look thru pics and do a repeat. Phew! That is exactly why I started documenting my outfits...so I wouldn't stand in my closet looking at my clothes and think...'I have nothing to wear.'

But don't you worry....no NAKIE pictures here.
I found a few outfits!

Grey Sweater Dress - Max Studios Outlet
Jeans - New Jeggings from Target {mossimo}
Brown Boots - Nine West Outlet
Mustard Mum Earrings - Funky Vintage Kitchen

New Year's Eve!
Sequined Tank - J. Crew
Boyfriend Cardigan - Target
Same Jeggings. Same Boots.

Sunday Evening Date Walk.
Warm work-out clothes from Nike + The North Face.

New Grey + Oatmeal Shirt - Max Studios Outlet
Jeans - Vigoss @ Nordstrom
Brown Boots - Nine West Outlet

What are you wearing today?post signature


  1. I am wearing a black cardigan (haven't worn it for a year and found money in the pocket!) a grey tank, jeans and my KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON ring that I won on the 12 days of Christmas from you! WOO HOO!

  2. I think your outfits are really cute. I love your Sequined Tank!

  3. Love your cute outfits...hey wait they are very similiar to mine this week!

  4. You look great!!!!! Love your boots!


  5. adorable.

    my favorites are the first and last outfit.

    you have a smile that lights up your entire face!

  6. All of your outfits are great!

  7. Oh yes, those boots are fabulous! I love the sequined top as well. I am on the hunt for one of those since I have a few fun events coming up!

  8. Nothing as cute as you my friend!!

    - Kami

  9. I love "date walk." There's nothing more beautiful than an athletic woman (and man). Very cute photo.

  10. Love your outfits and LOVE those boots :)

  11. love, love, love it all!!! you are too cute!!

  12. Cute outfits! I love jeggings & dresses! So fun & flirty!

  13. Today I'm wearing skinny khakis, my knee-high cognac boots from Aldo, a ruched (sp?) black turtle neck with an amazing red wool sweater (fitted zip-up) that Wes brought me from Iceland. I look appropriately winterized. Or equestrian...take your pick. :)

    I have some jeggings from Target that I love, too!

  14. you are soooo inspiring me to get boots. Question though, what style jeans do you wear with them?

  15. You look terrific :) I love that you're not overdoing it with too many trends or accessories at once. You have just enough going on in each look to keep it interesting but still polished. Nice!

  16. You look so cute, as always. I thought doing WIWW would make me more content with the clothes I have, but it, in fact, doesn't. I shop as much as ever and still have times where it feels like I have nothing to wear (even when I have a closet full of clothes!). I'm still loving your brown boots...I know I say that every week :)

  17. Cute!! I love both of those dresses over the jeggings. Looks so pulled together and comfortable. Super cute!

  18. Wow I love your boots! My fave outfit is #1 and also love your long gray sweater in the 2nd outfit. I love having my WIW pics to refer to when I have to get dressed quickly!


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