Sneak Peak of Master Bedroom Remodel

Remember these pictures?

The master bedroom remodel in progress.
The same time we did the front porch.

It included new hardwood floors, new crown & door trim and new furniture. And when we were almost done, I decided that I wanted a special little feature on the wall behind the bed. Floor to ceiling beadboard...meaning more work for Dave.

Well it's almost finished. The big reveal should be next week if all goes according to planned this weekend. But here's a little sneak peak of my final bedding choice.

I have a few throw pillows to make, my antlers to hang and a special creation to go above our bed. Hoping to get it all done this weekend with hubby's help.

And, oh...that little book? It was a special Christmas present from Dave to me for us to read together. I placed it on our bed today as a little reminder that we had some reading to do tonight! He found it at Anthropologie. He said he was the only man in the whole store. I told him he should be so proud.
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  1. Looks beautiful! I love the subtle blue, so pretty. What a nice gift and hubby you have there April!

  2. super cute!!!! I just did a post on my master bedroom redo... not done yet either but I am loving is so far!!
    Have a great day!

  3. Looks very peaceful! I am trying to get the same beadboard feature in my room-if only my husband were a contractor ;)

  4. this looks like a fabulous, swanky hotel!!!!

  5. this looks like a fabulous, swanky hotel!!!!

  6. I LOVE it! So pretty and peaceful. Love the pillows!

  7. hehehe. i have already seen it!

  8. bopped over from somewhere else. super cute space you have here. your dinner favs sound wonderful. maui burgers had me at hello. i just love before and afters.

  9. looks like it is coming along quite nicely!!! how neat you and your hubs are reading a book together!! hope to hear about it!!


  10. is the book good? it looks like a perfect gift for my hubby on Valentines Day!


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