Project: Silhouettes **edited with movie title

We had three projects on our agenda for this past weekend. Two were completed and the third is close to completion. Here is one of the finished projects. Silhouettes of our children. Not new on the Internet, but a quick project to do every couple of years as your child grows.
Start with taking a profile picture of your child. Print on cardstock (it doesn't roll when painting like photo paper does).

Carefully cut out profile. I sometimes extend the eyelashes just a tad for the finished profile picture. Both of my children have very long eyelashes so if the picture doesn't capture it, I still do!

Paint over pictures with craft paint in black.

Once paint is dry, turn over and spray with adhesive to mount to white cardstock.

I then picked out some pretty scrapbook paper and mounted them to a second mat and the final 12 x 12 pieces of paper.

They are sitting on the floor of my bedroom waiting for the perfect place to be hung. I love that I will always have a sweet profile of exactly how my children looked at 13 and 8 years old.
In between working on this project, I kept biting {well nibbling} Blake on the nape of his neck. I announced all weekend that I figured out how to freeze him just as he is...all we had to do was bite his neck. It works in the movies, now if we can figure out how to make it work in real life! He would giggle and I would nibble some more.
And, speaking about the movies, we went as a family to a movie on Friday night. We had seen the first two in the series. We knew it could be a tad inappropriate at times, but thought it would just be 'here' and 'there'. No. It was inappropriate throughout the first 30 minutes of the movie. I sat there for a few minutes more wondering what I should do next. Plus Kaia had brought a friend.
I knew we needed to leave, but to leave admitted that it was poor judgment on our part as parents to bring them. To stay was poor judgment on our part as parents also. I knew we had to leave, however embarrassing it might be. When we tapped our children on the shoulder and told them that we needed to leave, I was relieved to see the relief on the girls' faces. Blake wasn't sure what we were talking about, but he knew we were doing the right thing.
The girls said 'thanks' as we walked out and Dave and I smiled and had a proud parent moment. Regardless of the pride or the embarrassment, we did the right thing and hopefully taught our children to always do what is right regardless of what other people might think. We went to dinner instead and laughed and made memories as a family.
Happy Monday today! The kids are back in school this week. Thank goodness. We needed to get back to a routine. I have a busy day planned. It might involve a little blog remodeling and shop remodeling. We will see how far I get on my project list. Oh, plus come back tomorrow for our second Dear Dave + April Tuesday Series and a link to a FVK giveaway!
**Post Edit...The movie was Little Fockers and I totally thought it was going to be more about parenting and children with Jack Byrnes as a crazy grandpa...not all about penile disfunction.
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  1. wow! super cute idea!!!
    love the framing:)

  2. Oh thank you so much for sharing how to do these!! I can't wait to try it, they have been on my list for so long now :)

  3. Hmmm...what movie should I know not to take my kids to? :) Love the silhouettes, by the way. I made some a year ago, but have never mounted or framed them Lame. I just may do it this week!

  4. Hey, you totally can't NOT tell us what movie it was!

  5. I LOVE the silhouettes project and plan to make one of each of my nieces as a gift for my sister. I've seen them before, but had no idea how they were done. Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. I always wondered how people made silhouettes. LOVED them, but didn't know how to start....I think you have motivated me to try. Only issue: How to get a toddler to sit in one place. LOL!

    So disappointed to hear about the movie :( Was so looking forward to a new one in the series.

  7. Oh no. Oh, don't tell me. You really tried? Please tell me it *wasn't* Little Fockers?

  8. Thank you for sharing. I've seen several tutorials on how to make silhouettes and they all seemed too difficult. I think I could actually do this!!! Thanks for the heads up about the movie. I thought the first two were hilarious, but that's good to know that the new one is not appropriate for watching with younger kiddos. Way to take an awkward situation and make it a teaching moment.

  9. you are awesome!! i love these and the matting is perfect!

  10. I'm definitely going to have to try the silhouettes. They came out great....and I, too, have a daughter, Kaia!

  11. I love everything about this. I can't wait to do this. It will be my next project and I'll give you all the credit!

  12. Thank you for posting the name of the movie!

  13. Oooh! This is a genius way to do it!! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you linked up to TOO Cute Tuesday!

  14. Whew! I was terrified you were going to say the new Chronicles of Narnia movie! I never really was a fan of the Fockers movies. So raunchy. Makes me sad because man, do I love that Ben Stiller!

  15. we've had to walk out of a few movies. it's always awkward, but best. hope you went to the money counter and got your $ back or a certificate to see another movie in the future.

    as for the silhouettes, lovely! we made silhouettes for the grandparents for this christmas' (one of each of their grandchildren. obviously a group effort with all the families).

    my husband is a digital printmaker so he made them, but this way is a GREAT idea for those without printmaker husbands.

  16. Good for you guys! It is awesome that you showed your kids... It is okay to stand up for what you beleive is right. There is a site that I check out before we watch movies...not all the time but a lot when I am not sure about them. It is plugged in. If you google that you will get the web addy.
    Your pictures are lovely.


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