A PG-13 Story about Sweets.

It is scary how many times a husband and a wife can have the same thoughts without speaking at all.

He was picking up Papa Murphy's pizzas for dinner.
She was thinking Kara's Cupcakes sounded good.

He brought home a pink box.
She thought how sweet he brought her a cream horn from Butter Cream Bakery.

Imagine her surprise when she peaked inside the box and it was Kara's Cupcakes.

She cheered. The kids cheered.
And, then he leaned in and whispered to her....
'Did you notice which word was underlined?!'
All while the kids were cheering 'Happy Hump Day! Happy Hump Day!'

It did happen to be Wednesday.
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  1. The BEST hint ever! Way to go Dave!

  2. HA!!!! TMI!!! ;-) Hope you had a fun Wednesday evening!

  3. hahah TMI! She never said anything happened. It was just underlined! Plus she had only been thinking about cupcakes.

  4. April, your Dave and my Brandon would get along just perfectly! They have the same sense of humor. Plus, they're both so subtle about romance ;)

  5. Yummy!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl. Hope you enjoyed them.

  6. Yummy!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl. Hope you enjoyed them.

  7. Oh I love it!! Flirting with cupcakes...what more could you want?

  8. HOW SWEET (literally).

    i love when my husband reads my mind (or sweet tooth).


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