Small Spaces -Master Bedroom Fresh New Look!

Our master bedroom re-do has been in the works for quite some time. There is still a bit to do {like the trim pieces on either sides of bead board still need to be installed} but I couldn't wait any longer to share what we have been working on together!

The hardwood was purchased two years ago and the bedding three years ago. The rug one year ago. The lamps also one year ago. Finally to see it all as I pictured it a couple of years later is so exciting. I am so pleased with results.

Our bedroom is small. 12 1/2 x 12 1/2.
Our old bedroom furniture was dark and kind of crowded for such a small bedroom.
The wall colorstayed the same (Sherwin Williams Believable Buff) but the bead board accent wall is new!

We had dark furniture, a leather padded headboard and foot board, two night stands, a dresser and an armoire. A lot of furniture packed into a small space. There's a little peak of it here.

The day we decided to rip out the carpet and install the hardwood {Thanksgiving Day}, I also decided to put all our bedroom furniture on Craigslist. It sold in two days and we headed to Ikea and purchased all new furniture for the exact same price of what our old furniture sold for. Gotta love Ikea!

Placing all the furniture on one wall might be a 'no-no' but it totally works in this small space and opens up the whole room! It looks and feels huge now.

White padded/slipcovered bed - Ikea
Grey/Brown dressers - Ikea
Rug - Cost Plus World Market

I was still up in the air about what to put over our bed. Two weeks into our Dear Dave + April Series I decided that I wanted something in our bedroom to remind us of our journey. To remind us that marriage is a 'Work in Progress' and to remind us of qualities that are important. I decided to design a subway art piece. I cut out and arranged all the words {with the help of my craft partner, Carla} and Dave made the frame and painted it. Then we sat on our family room floor two evenings in a row putting it together.

{this is my original artwork, please don't copy...but please be inspired to create one all your own}

Duvet + Euro Shams - Macy's
Standard Shams - West Elm
Sea Blue Cotton Blanket - West Elm
Two Bird Pillow - Target

Lamps are from Marshalls and the picture frame actually hides our real alarm clock.

This is Dave's dresser and side of the bed. He has a favorite picture of me on his side.....

and on my side of the bed and on my dresser....

I have a favorite picture of him! I also have the sweet angel that was given to me by a dear blog friend when I had my miscarriage last year. I love the sweet reminder that we have a little angel in heaven watching over us.

The Pottery Barn retro telephone was just recently purchased at a garage sale for $2.

I love how open and roomy our room is now with less furniture.

I had in my mind the exact kind of chair I wanted in this corner. Imagine my surprise when I found it, with burlap and all. Exactly what I was wanting, I was just hoping to get it second hand....not brand new. When I saw it though, I knew I could not walk away from it or it would haunt me forever.

We both LOVE the chair!

And, remember the antlers I bought at the antique store?

They found a place in our bedroom. Dave mounted them on a piece of board I covered with fabric and then I framed them with one of my heirloom frames!

I knew I wanted more heirloom frames on the opposite wall to tie in the antlers, but wasn't sure if I was going to leave them blank or fill them with little treasures.

I opted for a few favorite pictures hung on twine with distressed little clothespins.

These were taken at a friend's wedding in their photobooth two years ago. They were in color, so I scanned them, changed them to sepia and then cut them up to hang side-by-side.

Random picture for now. Still looking for a wedding picture or something a little more less casual. But this works for now in sepia tone also.

This is an old polaroid picture, also taken in a photobooth, when Dave and I were 14 years old! We were so young and had a crush on each other. I scanned it, changed it to sepia tone and also hung it with a distressed mini clothespin.

And, one final picture of the other side of our bedroom...leading into the bathroom, that still needs new crown, door trim and baseboard!

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  1. Really cute! I hope those pictures don't curl up on you!

  2. Gorgeous!! Love the color scheme, and that CHAIR is amazing! I love that you included the antlers in your own creative way -- it's always a big discussion around here where we would ever put my husband's :)

  3. I love it! I especially love the art you created for above the bed. You are so talented!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE it! You did an amazing job. Every detial is just perfect.

  5. Love it!!! Especially the pic of you on his side of the bed and vice versa. What a great idea!!! (I may steal it)

  6. Love it April!! The space above our bed has been blank for 11 years looking for just the right thing. I love your subway art - perfect!

  7. your room is beautiful! the antlers are awesome! my grandparents had some hanging above their garage (in orange county, california...sort of out of place)...you've made me wish i had them!

  8. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Well done!! :)

  9. If you are ever in need of a House Swap vacation...and want to head over to the Seacoast of New England, I'd gladly swap with ya. This is AH-MAZ-ING! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the special details and wonderfully sentimental, romantic and so sweet touches. I can't stop drooling....really!

  10. i absolutely love it! so pretty and peaceful. you much love being in there now :)

  11. ummm... L.O.V.E. love your new bedroom! well done you!!!! so stinkin' adorable!!!


  12. It looks great! The photo of you guys when you were 14 is priceless!

  13. Love your bedroom... and the subway art is fantastic! Even the antlers are growing on me... and I'm from Texas, where a head room comes standard in every house! LOL!

  14. It's so beautiful and soothing and romantic ... perfect master bedroom. Except wait ... where are the candles and music ;).

    Happy Weekend!

  15. It's gorgeous! You're welcome over anytime to do mine :)

  16. Oh my gosh - love the old pictures of you two!

  17. this is my first time to the funky vintage kitchen...and well....i have to admit it was love at first sight.
    your bedroom is beautiful...i love all of the personal touches; photos from when you were 14 years old...how cute is that?! the lamps are adorable and the picture above your bed is so special....i'm swooning....but i just love it all!
    enjoy your day

  18. i love your master bedroom! oh, and we have those same lamps in our master bedroom!! too fun. i love your blog. i love your creativity. can't wait to see you & catch up at the next QBM! :)

  19. Love. Especially the frames and pics hanging in them. I have those EXACT lamps on my nightstands. Got them at Homegoods. You have great taste. ;-)

  20. Its beautiful!!! I love how it all came together. As someone else w/ a small space, you've inspired me to look at IKEA to get rid of our dressers and find some smaller ones to perhaps make our space look larger.

  21. LOVE it! I have had my eye on that PB phone for a long time. $2 - you go! I also love the way you strung the photos with a clothespin. I think I feel a little DIY project coming along for me!

  22. Inquiring minds want to know if you'll be listing your subway art in your shop. I really, really want one for our bedroom and can't find another one that I like anywhere.


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