Giddy with Excitement...

I got a brand new pair of roller skates blogger re-design...you got a brand new key. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I ♥ that song! I sing it all day long much to my family's dismay. I am giddy over this little makeover. Just giddy. Do you recognize the birds and bird bath up there from my Friday post last week? Well a little birdie surprised me with this little design and I can't believe I actually have that little print on my blog banner now. How about you...do you like it? Are you as giddy as I am? There is still a little more work to be done with all the button links. I'll work on them this weekend!

I had big plans today for a shop announcement and a master bedroom makeover reveal...but this little re-design side-tracked me. They will have to wait until next week. And, until I find the perfect chair for a corner spot in my bedroom. Keeping fingers crossed we might find that this weekend. That would just make me doubly-giddy!

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  1. LOVE IT! Love the "burlap" in the sides!

  2. Beautiful! So pretty and girly and I just love it. Congrats! Did you do all the designing?

  3. So pwetty! Love it.

    I'm in the middle of a new design, myself ... hoping to unveil next week. :) It was time to update the pictures of my boys that were over a year old.

  4. Lauren, the actual blog design was done by a sweet little birdie friend. I was chatting with her telling her everything that was in my head and how I wanted to do a little re-design and low and behold a little design showed up in my in box. My family heard screaching and yelling coming from the office and came running in to make sure everything was OK.

    I picked up my piece of paper with my design sketched out on it and then showed them what popped into my in box from the sweet little birdie. What a huge surprise. It was so amazing. That is what makes me so giddy about it. That, and the fact that this little birdie is so cute and sweet and talented!

    Thank you, little birdie {who wishes to remain anonymous}!

  5. It looks great! As soon as I saw the header I knew you got your little wish! So perfect!

  6. Love it!

    I wish I had a remote clue how to change my header.

  7. April-tell little birdie {who wishes to remain anonymous} it is beautiful. And to you: WOW! What a wonderful sketch.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  8. Your blog lOOks great!!!!! so cute!

  9. Love it! It's always fun to change things up a little!

  10. How PERFECT is this for you? I love it SO SO much!

    Can't wait for the bedroom reveal! Your stuff is great!


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