Friday ♥ Love!

Not as inexpensive as my last Friday ♥ Love post....
but I can't get this outfit off my mind.

The blouse. The jeans. The boots.
Found here.

I'll be spending the weekend packing + preparing for Blissdom.
What will you be doing this weekend?

* * * * *

Also, today is the last day to save 10% off anything in my shop!
Enter NEWDIGS10 in the coupon section.
I'm wearing this ring today!
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  1. That blouse is amazing! I want it too! The question is....pay the electric bill or buy the blouse....yup, I guess we sort of need lights this time of year.

    Have a great weekned!

  2. But would you want the boots in mustard...

    Love ya!

  3. I have this whole catalog next to my bed so I can dream of all the beautiful items that I can't quite afford. The Kork Ease sandals are drool-worthy, too!

  4. i study sundance catalog...seriously!


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