Friday ♥ Love!

I used to keep up a blog called 'Butterflies' where I posted pretty things that gave me butterflies. You know that fluttery feeling you get in your tummy when you see something that you ♥ love ♥. Well I miss it. So I thought it would be fun to do a little bit of Butterflies on Fridays from time to time. I hope you enjoy it! And, just a warning, when I kept Butterflies up regularly, I would get cursing emails for posting cute finds making it too tempting to not buy! Sorry.

Here are three items I have been drooling over this week...

These Splish Splash tea towels and pillow cover from Pottery Barn make me want to do a blog re-design incorporating a bird bath! Something stirs inside of me just looking at this sweet print.

And these Potluck Bakers in my favorite colors are irresistible. From Crate & Barrel and quite reasonably priced. They are for sure going in my cart!

Happy Friday dear friends. You have been so sweet to Dave + I this week with our debut of our Dear Dave + April Tuesday Series. Thank you. We will be working on a special project this weekend with that series in mind. If all goes well, there quite possibly might be a new 'piece of our heart' item for sale soon in my shop. Happy Weekend!

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  1. those bakers! i know. i did a double take on the price when i saw them in the mini CB catalog i just received. i want them :)

  2. aren't those pottery barn tea towels and pillow cases too precious! hmm...i think i need to check out the bakers.

  3. those crate and barrel dishes are AH-MA-ZING!!!!



  4. Oh dear...now I have a case of the wants. I want one of each. The sweet little towels remind of things my great-grandma, great-aunt and grandma would embroider. Just precious. Tomorrow I have a potluck meal at church. I wish I had one of those bakers for my dish. Have a great weekend!

  5. I saw those exact bakers in my CB catalog. Definitely going to be grabbing those as well. Swoon worthy!

  6. How funny... I was just drooling over the same things in the catalogs! I *love* my new FVK necklace - gives me butterflies!

  7. oh those potluck bakers are sooo cute!! i think i need a few of those.. i just bring my ugly plastic or white trays to potlucks right now!!



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