Exciting Shop News!

My FVK Shop has officially moved to Big Cartel!

I'm a lot excited and a little nervous. I love the Etsy community, but love the ease of loading items and ease of purchasing items that Big Cartel offers better.

Other exciting news....Blossom Charms are now available in the shop!

Come celebrate with me over at my new digs and while there shopping,
enter NEWDIGS10 in the coupon section to enjoy 10% off every purchase thru Friday!

I will be loading more items all week long. So check back regularly. Although, if you see something you like, you better snag it now. I change things up pretty regularly.
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  1. i have never heard of Big Cartel.... uh oh... i might have to push my to-do list until tomorrow

  2. Love the look of it! I've been hearing a lot about Big Cartel, but haven't really checked it out yet. I love that you have more of a real shop look though, and yours is just too cute!a


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