Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Dear Dave,
Thank you for being so willing to take care of the children and house this week while I'm off at Blissdom learning and partying with a bunch of girls! Thank you also for being such a great husband and daddy. It makes me so proud when I ask 'do you want me to get groceries and dinners all lined up for the week?' and you respond with 'no, I can take care of that.' I know the kids have fun with you and love the break of routine of 'mommy's way.'
This week we worked really well together on determining what our 'hot topics' are. Mostly they are topics about growing our business and disciplining the children. Well not so much disciplining them, but what we tolerate from Blake behavioral wise. Now that we have determined our 'hot topics', I like how we have agreed to avoid those later in the evening or when we are tired but promising to address them first thing the next day.
Have a great week and remember....I'm just a text away!
♥ me

Dave will be responding to this letter possibly later in the week....if the children haven't begged him to go to the movies, go skateboarding at the park, go bowling or eat pizza out every night! Usually when mommy is away, daddy plans fun dates throughout the whole week.

Determining what our hot topics are was huge for us this week. And, then giving each other permission to say 'I'm tired or don't have the patience for this right now, can we discuss it first thing tomorrow morning' has been wonderful too.

What we are going to work on next week when I get back from Blissdom....Bi-monthly Date Nights again with each spouse taking a turn completely planning and surprising the other with the date night! One thing that I think is key in a marriage is to keep those butterflies coming. I think the idea of a surprise date planned with your spouse in mind is sure to bring butterflies!

P.S. While I'm gone at Blissdom, I will be tweeting regularly. You can follow me here.

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  1. Beautiful note. Sounds like you guys have done so much already in the short time you have published the series. I have to say I have already learned so much from your lessons and have implemented them in my own marriage. I stop myself and say...."what would April say." Thank you for the constant reminder to do better.

    Enjoy Blissdom....I am SO jealous. Hopefully htothe3 will be there in 2012.

  2. I am so inspired by the work you two are doing. This bi-monthly date night idea is so awesome. I usually plan our dates, so the idea of Brandon helping to plan the dates and surprise ME sounds wonderful!

    Thank you so much for this series. I adore it!

  3. I absolutely love this series. You two are adorable.

  4. What a sweet note!
    ...I recently found your blog [ ok , yesterday :) ]... i'm hooked

  5. So happy to meet you outside "cheekwood A" today :) I felt like I had known you forever! I'm adding your blog to my reader now. :)


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