Dear Dave + April -- Part Two

Dear Ape,
I didn't even have time to read your letter until now because I have been swamped with work as you know and other duties.....Mom stuff, you know 220-221 whatever it takes. (that's a movie quote from Mr. Mom, another great 80's movie.) But about the subject at hand, our Hot Topics. I have realized that I come unglued after 8:00 pm when we talk about work. In a perfect world we would sit in the office and chat about jobs, bids, and money during normal business hours. We are not normal -or maybe we are more normal than we think. I think that we have to commit to daytime business hours, or at least try. When I read your letter I was happy and thankful for the nice words that you had to say about me as a husband and father. Ditto to you and the way you handle the kids and our home. I can't wait for date night, I miss that. Have to go Blake is calling from the tub.
Love, D

Dave would like to know from you readers....what's the best tip or advice you have ever received about marriage?

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  1. remember to laugh not only with each other but at yourself!

  2. after "it" (whatever it is) is 24 hours old you cannot bring it back up (unless it happens again...but you can't say "and you did that same thing three days ago)...has stopped many a fight with me and my hubby...
    kinda like a statute of limitations on possible hurtful things.


  3. You didn't try to change each other before you got married so don't try to do it after. Acceptance is one of the greatest gifts you can give to each other.

    Mom Erickson

  4. And just for the record, Dave you have done an awesome Mr. Mom job this week. Kaia was a big help too.

  5. Love for your spouse is not a feeling, it's a choice

  6. Hold hands while having a discussion/arguement. It may feel strange but you are less inclined to say mean and hurtful things. Holding the hand of the one you love acts as a constant reminder of your feelings and why you're on this journey in the first place.


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