Crazy, Wonderful, Blissful Week Ahead + Family Pictures!

Hi. Happy Monday!
It's happy for me because tomorrow I get on the 'party plane' headed to Blissdom.

It's going to be a crazy week and an even crazier day today with everything still to do. Instead of using the weekend to tie up loose ends, we decided to have dear friends come for dinner on Sunday.

We met them in Delaware while stationed in the Air Force close to 15 years ago. We have stayed in touch and we even vacationed with them the last two years in San Clemente. They were actually with us on the beach the day we received the news that my brother had died and I wouldn't have had it any other way. They are now stationed at Travis Air Force base and found out tonight....moving. :(

She is super handy with a camera. It's her hobby and passion so we trespassed into a vineyard and snapped a few pictures. I was needing an updated profile picture and I talked her into a couple of family pictures too. Our last family picture had been in 2005. They aren't edited yet, but thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what we came up with.

Plus those of you attending Blissdom, will really know what I look like now
with this blond hair!

I still have a skirt I want to sew and a million errands to run.
Plus get Dave squared away with his business and the kiddos.

It's gonna be a crazy day, but so worth it!post signature


  1. awww these photos are lovely...your family is beautiful!!!

    woo-hoo for BLISSDOM!!!

    see you there.

  2. I LOVE these photos! Have fun this week at Blissdom(lucky girl!)
    I dont mean to add to your last minute stress but I bought a couple of things last night from your shop and was wondering if they'll ship before you go or after you get back?
    Have a great week!

  3. Your family pictures are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Have fun at Blissdom BLONDIE!

  4. Love the pictures April! You are so cute with your blonde hair. It suits your bubbly personality! I wish I were going to Blissdom to hang out with you and the other Queen Bees. Have a great time and take lots of pics!

  5. cute pics... you & i have the same hair. pretty much the same color & cut.

  6. Great pictures of you and your family! Have a wonderful time at Blissdom!

  7. Precious family!! I can't wait to read all these Blissdom updates. ENVIOUS!!!

  8. Awww... totally know who you're speaking of. I will NEVER forget out Charades game at their house and Dave got the word "lingerie" and I got "fire hydrant" LOL... super fun memeory☺

  9. The pictures are AMAZING! Have a wonderful time...Can't wait to hear about the conference.

  10. Great pictures!!! I love mustard season in Napa!!!


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