Blissdom Roommate Gifts

I brought my roommates at Blissdom (Mique, Jessica, Lindsey, Jeannett) a little gift!
Some dark salted caramels from our local candy store, Anette's Chocolate, and a quote printed on card stock about creating. Plus I let them each pick a little pretty piece of jewelry from my loot that I brought to hand out!

BUT....you should see the pretty gifts I got from them! Pleated poppy goods, allora handmade goods, a coffee cozy + note pad, and some goodies plus we all got matching knee high socks to wear with our jammies!

I'm having so much fun and meeting lots of new people. Lisa Leonard even hung out in our hotel room this evening and she is sweet and real as can be.

And, I have more friends I'm planning to meet up with tomorrow!

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  1. Enjoy Blissdom! Man! I wish I could've went this year! Have a fab time! XOXO! Btw..

    Congratulations! I’ve awarded you with a “Stylish Blogger Award!” If you chose to accept please visit my post: http://bit.ly/hQeDxp Grab the “Stylish Blogger” photo, and follow the rules. Thanks for being such a fantastic blogger!

    PS: This isn't spam just a Pay It Forward type deal for you being Awesome!

  2. dang, that is like hitting the roommate lottery of talent and cuteness. so envious. have fun ladies:)

  3. I'm so darn jealous but so happy you are enjoying it! Can't wait to hear more about it!!!

  4. Blissdom sounds wonderful, I may have to check it out next year. And those Anette's caramels, I'll have to get some next time I visit my mom... I'm wearing my grey mum necklace today, love it!! Have fun April!

  5. Uhm, yes ... SO jealous, but so happy to hear you're having a wonderful time.

    And your new digs look lover-ly ... so fresh and fun around here ... I'm off to go snoop around ;).

    Happy Day!

  6. Oh so JEALOUS!!! Have fun girl!

    And, yes, Lisa is such a doll in person too! I am blessed that she lives down here and we see her out about with her darlings :) (plus it is a SMALL community, so special moms know special moms..)

    Have a blast!

  7. Sounds like your having fun! This momma would love some Annette's. I miss that place!


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