What I Wore - Week 7

Week 7.
Poor week clothing style wise. Boring really. We all have them.
Also I spent a couple of days in pj's while at the beach house.
I wanted a group pic of my scrapbooking girls....but they weren't really game.
We really don't do much to ourselves while we are there.
It's fun like that. I can't blame them.

So here it goes....

First night at scrapbooking weekend.
White T-shirt - Target
Grey + White Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Vigoss Nordstrom Brass Plum
Grey Short Button Uggs

White Long Sleeve T-shirt - Target
Navy Blue Empire Waist Sweatshirt - Local Boutique
Jeans - Same Vigoss
Cream Tall Uggs.

The cute details of this sweatshirt....
empire waist, big buttons, accent of turquosie yarn.
I have the same sweatshirt in Yellow too!

Brown Long Sleeve T-shirt - Target
Cream Chunky Cardigan - Abercrombie on super sale
Jeans - Standard + Practice Jeggings
Cream Tall Uggs.

After looking at my pics, while I believe Uggs are so warm and cozy and a favorite while at home, my brown everyday boots help polish my outfits better!
Pssst....I have a new pair of boots coming to add to the mix of my winter wardrobe.
They might be going under the tree and they might not!
We'll have to wait and see once I get them.

Linking to Lindsey and in awe she has been doing this for so long.
It's hard!
No make-up, hair not really done and no accessories this week.
No pounds lost either. Actually gained a pound, but I ate all weekend!

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  1. i always hop over to see what you are wearing and it amazes me that even when you are "dressing down" you still look super cute!!! love the UGGS...i've wanted a pair for a long time:)

  2. Love the uggs. I wear flat boots at home, then switch to 'dressier' boots when I go out!

  3. Love the stripe cardi outfit!

  4. I want that blue sweatshirt...super cute!


  5. I live in Denver so UGGS are always appropriate! You look adorable!

  6. You look so comfortable! I love the Vigoss jeans and Ugg boots...the blue jacket is adorable! I definately need to find some UGG boots!

  7. Uggs always look good! Well that's what I tell myself as I wear mine all winter long :) Seriously though, LOVE your outfits. Aaaannnd... I love scrap weekends at the beach! I'm going with friends at the end of January and can hardly wait!

  8. yay for scrap retreats! (although i would have been slightly upset at friends who wouldn't let me get a picture! ha!)
    cute, comfy outfits!
    (btw, i am loving my gray mum set i received!)

  9. Love the outfits! So cozy, warm and cute!!! :):)

  10. I don't think you're outfits are boring at all :) I love the details on the navy sweatshirt. So cute!

  11. I love that navy sweatshirt & the cardi from Urban Outfitters! Great pieces!!!


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