A Little Break + 12 Days of Giveaway Winners Re-Cap!

Dave OFTEN threatens to disconnect the cable television when the children aren't paying attention or doing their chores. My little Blake walked into my office yesterday afternoon and commented, 'I wish we could disconnect the internet for a week so mommy would come when I call for her.'

Ouch....that hurt. I couldn't ignore it. I need to heed that little comment and take a much needed week break from the internet. No blogging, no tweeting, no facebooking. Just hanging out with my family and being available as soon as they call for me. I will miss you all. But think I will survive. I will be checking email and processing Etsy orders. OH...and will also be posting my What I Wore over the holiday week on Wednesday. But that's it. Please don't share something exciting that I might miss!

I'll be back in a week. Back in a new year. Back with some personal news, ready to share so openly about something Dave and I are working on. Hoping that our sharing strengthens 'us' and possibly helps strengthen 'you'. So good-bye to 2010. Happy New Years! See you in 2011!

* * * * *

There is one little bit of blogging business I need to finalize. Here is a re-cap of the 12 Days of Giveaway Winners. Please email me at davenapril@aol.com if you won and have not contacted me yet! Congrats to you all.

Day One - Our Story
Day Two - Hannah from Simon Says
Day Three - Mama Fisch
Day Four - MCubed
Day Five - Sophia
Day Six - Katherine from Grass Stains
Sarah Lane Studios
Nicole M.
Day Seven - Brittani
Day Eight - Michelle - Imperfectly Wonderful...
Day Nine - Ellen
Day Ten - Jenny from Southern Institute...
Day Eleven - Jill
Day Twelve - Devyn

See you all in a week!post signature

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  1. I hope that your internet break was a blessing to you and your family. I recently took a LONG (for me) break from my blog, and while I missed everyone and felt out of the loop socially, I think that I had more energy and enjoyed the time with my kids more!

    I am SO WITH YOU on goodbye 2010 and praying 2011 is so much better!

    Hugs my dear friend!


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