What I Wore - week 6

I'm with Lindsey this week.
It was Thanksgiving/Vacation week.
Didn't get too many pictures because I didn't leave the house everyday.
Plus we started a little remodel in our bedroom.
Note our nightstands in Kaia's room.
Furniture was everywhere...
throughout the whole house.
But that is OK...it is gone now.
I sold it all on Craigslist over the weekend,
and now we have new furniture in our bedroom.
Purchased for the exact same price as what I sold our old furniture for!
I'll post a few pictures of our bedroom progress tomorrow

Now on to What I Wore.....

Thanksgiving Day started with one outfit.
{the first picture}
And then as we were running out the door,
I quickly changed {and snapped a pic} into a comfier shirt.
I knew the first shirt was in no way going to hide.....

Top #1 - Banana Republic Outlet a few years ago.

Top #2 - Local Boutique for FREE {came w/purchase of jeans}

Jeans - Nordstrom BP Jeggings

Boots - My everyday shoes lately. Nine West Outlet.

Necklace in Outfit #1 - Nordstrom BP

Earrings in Outfit #2 - Darling Dahlias in yellow from my shop.

Hair done. Blow dried and then pulled back on purpose.
Make-up on. Although my make-up consists of a little mineral powder, blush + mascara.

Sunday Church.

Top - Nordstrom a couple of years ago.

Cardigan - J. Crew Outlet

Skirt - Anthropologie a couple of years ago

Tights - Target last year

Shoes - Payless Shoe Source two years ago

Hair didn't quite make it all the way done. Still fuzzy.
Only mascara. And I'm doing something really funny with my face in that picture.
Really funny. Yes go ahead and scroll back up to look at it again.
I did.

So excited about this sweater!

Sweater - New from Gap for $20.
There just might be one under the tree for me too in a different color!

Jeans - Vigoss Skinny Dublins from Nordstrom

Boots - Nine West everydays.

Fallen Leaf Necklace - FVK shop.

Hair done. Make-up done!

I think this season I have definitely developed a 'uniform'. Skinny jeans + boots.
And with my pear shaped body, that is tricky. It is all in the jeans....
and the cropping of the photos a bit!
But NO photoshopping. That's all me.

Let's not talk about weight this week. OK? OK.

OH...and P.S. will you help me and a friend with a little poll below this post?
Thanks, we appreciate it much!
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  1. Hi! Just found ya on Pleated Poppy. You are so cute. I like your hair blonder! Saw your profile pic of the dark, and you look good both ways!
    Love love love your brown boots. I have some similar that I wear ALL the time too. I like your second white top for turkey tummy! it's so cute. Great Gap sweater too.

    Happy day to ya!

  2. Turkey Tummy...I love it...I still have mine unfortunately because I have not slowed down on the intake!

    You look great and I love your boots!!!


  3. I love that skirt!!! The boots look great too! Love your style!

  4. Love, love that last top!! I'm headed to Gaps website now! ;)

  5. Love your church outfit! Patterned/colored tights...bring them on! And oh how I love the look of jeans in boots...still afraid to try it though...but you look darling!

  6. Love your church outfit! Patterned/colored tights...bring them on! And oh how I love the look of jeans in boots...still afraid to try it though...but you look darling!

  7. Such a fun skirt from Anthro! I still haven't made it to the Nine West outlet in search of those boots, but it's on my Christmas break to-do list. I seriously want them!!!

  8. You are too cute! I adore your blog - do you mind if I ask who did your blog design?

  9. You're the cutest! LOVE those olive mary janes. And SO with you on the turkey tummy. I have turkey thighs, too... :(

  10. That sweater on Gap.com is not $20 :(

    Love love love your style. As always! :)

  11. NO WAY. those are jeggings?! going back to nordstrom tomorrow.


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