I Think I Love Them!

One of the things I look forward to most at the end of the Girls' Beach Weekend is stopping off in Petaluma on the way home to hit the stores on Kentucky Street.

Summer's Cottage is my absolute favorite antique store.
It is a collaborative effort of many antique dealers who all have an amazing eye.
I spent two hours there this weekend. Browsing and dreaming and shopping while sipping hot apple cider and snacking on some festive treats they had out for customers.

I'd quickly text pictures to Dave of items with a simple 'yes or no?'
He'd text back and then I'd move on.
I came home with some treasures this weekend!

I also stopped in at Paper White and sighed often while browsing their amazing collection of paper goods. Oh the goodies.

Here is some of what I got that I know I love.

These sweet little vintage skaters in turquoise + green from the antique store and this square card that I am going to frame from Paper White. Love these!!

Now, these on the other hand.....I think I love them. I really do.
I was completely on the fence with them though.

I took a picture, sent a text to Dave.
His response..."I'm not sure what to do with them but I'm sure you have an idea."

That didn't quite satisfy me or give me the guts to purchase them so I sent out a Tweet, with a picture, hoping my twitter friends would help me out. Well only one of you responded and it went something like....'ewww...no, but if you like them then disregard my tweet!'

So I did. I disregarded her tweet. Because something just kept telling me that they would be the perfect little mix-up in my house. And actually, I have a feeling they might just catch on as the next new design thing. I mean Emily from Design Star used them. We will wait and see if they show up in Anthropologie!

So here they are......

A small set of antlers.

I think I love them. They are the prettiest grey/brown I have ever seen. And I don't usually like taxidermy stuff. I'm thinking they might end up in our bedroom....either above our bed or above Dave's dresser.

What do you think. Love them or hate them?
Or maybe you want to wait to see them hung and used with the rest of my decor!

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  1. Those ARE already all over the place in different forms. West Elm for one. All the big stores are selling white deer heads, antlers,etc... So tell your friends Hah! I told you so!:)

  2. My whole house is decorated like this. Who knew I was trendy. <3

  3. I think I love them. I think they could look so great with the right flair... which we all know you, April Kennedy, have! Or they could go totally wrong... but I seriously don't see that happening! ha!!

    Glad you enjoyed your time!

  4. hang some cute ornaments from them to jazz them up and take away focus from the skull ;-) HAHAHA!!! i do have to agree that the color is pretty cool though!

  5. need to see the antlers hung in your house because right now...ewww. I'm sure you can make them look fab & make me covet them in no time though. Post pics when you get them set.

  6. I think they're cool, but would be even cooler spray painted white

  7. all very cool....I think that the antlers could be fantastic! can't wait to see what you do with them


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