House Projects!

Life wouldn't be right in the Kennedy household without a couple of projects going on.
No need to finish one before starting the next.
No...that wouldn't be sane....or in true 'Kennedy Style'.

This cute little studio is on hold...but not for long.
Only because two other projects have taken precedence.

The front porch has been torn apart for six months now.
It is now extended and has stone set on it.
Can't wait to show you the finished product.
Probably sometime next week!

And we have had hardwood flooring for ummm...a year now....
to install in our whole house. Two bedrooms are finished.
Ours was next on the list. So on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I
sweetly said to Dave 'How about we tackle the master bedroom over Thanksgiving?"
He was game. My dad came over Tuesday night and helped us move furniture.
I decided once that dark leather and wood furniture was out of the room
that I didn't want to put it back in the room.
So I put it on Craigslist and it sold!
Dave + my dad installed the hardwood flooring on Thanksgiving morning
and Dave spent the rest of the weekend installing crown, baseboard
and all new door casings in that room.

We headed to Ikea and bought new bedroom furniture for the
exact same dollar amount that we sold our old bedroom furniture for.
It is taking shape nicely.
Check it out!

That is an old picture of Dave surfing when he was in high school.
It is not going back up in the new bedroom, but will find a special place somewhere in our home/garage!

In the process of hanging my special crown molding.
I always have to do something different!

After 3 hours of putting Ikea furniture together....it is taking shape.

We purchased the white slipcovered bed and 2 of the gray-brown Hemnes dressers. It was a perfect fit on that wall and makes the bedroom look so big with less furniture!

More pictures to come once the trim gets finished and the Euro shams + comforter cover go on.
Oh...and I will definitely share colors, new crown molding style and where I purchased everything next week!
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  1. It's looking great! Love the lamps! The Hemnes line has SO much good stuff in it!! The dressers look great, much better than in the store!

  2. Love it! Really like how the nightstands are higher than the bed. Ours our shorter and I don't know how many times I've flipped my pillow over and spilled the water tha's always on my nightstand!!

  3. What a sweet blog you have! Love all of your projects!!!!

  4. Love the changes! and those lamps!! Where did you find those? I am addicted to turquoise.


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