Funky Vintage Kitchen Holiday Boutique...Trunk Show...Open House....

My FVK Holiday Boutique, Trunk Show, Open House (really...what should I call it?) was a huge success and so much fun! I had 3 - 4 customers in my home most of the morning which made for a bustling, cheery, festive feel. Hot apple cider warmed on the stove and yummy cookies were set out for treats. Balloons were outside and a crackling fire inside. Felt + Vintage Button Brooches were a huge hit and my stash of Blossom Bobbies is getting very low. I also put out a few travel tissue cozies I had whipped up for teachers' gifts this year and I only have two half aprons left.

Fun news.....at the suggestion of a friend....Blossom Charms are now available for $15. Essentially, it is the Sweet + Simple Blossom Necklace without the chain. This way you can buy one Blossom Necklace with chain and then as many of the Blossom charms as you want! They will be posted on Etsy after the holidays. Need/want one before...just send me a note!

Thank you to everyone this season for supporting our family and my handmade business! You are a blessing to us and we so appreciate your love and support. If you didn't get to stop by and you still need to shop....it's all still out. Give me a call or email me.

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  1. WOW...just WOW!!! that looks awesome. i love love love your set-up and the awesome array of things you have to display!! so inspiring...totally makes me want to run right out and have my own little trunk show:)))

  2. I vote you call it a trunk show... sounds so cool to call it that! haha!

    I so wished we were closer so I could have come! I love your FVK stuff!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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