Days 6 + 7 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways...Finally.

Random.org has picked the winners for Days 6 + 7
It didn't bounce around too much...
Winners for Day 6 are:
Commenter #5 - Katherine from Grass Stains
Commenter #7 - Sarah Lane Studios
Commenter #6 - Nicole M.
In that order!
Winner for Day 7.....
Commenter #13 - Brittani
Congrats everyone! Email me with your info.

Friends, I am so sorry. I begged you to come all weekend to enter the giveaways.
Then yesterday was busy, then a little emotional, then busy again.

Today I went to church then came home and crawled into bed for a little nap
and woke up 5 hours later. Ooops.

So here is Giveaway Day 6!

A set of three pretty paper covered bird ornaments!

And guess what? To make up for my lack of blogging yesterday....
I have 3 sets to giveaway.
That means 3 winners!

Plus since yesterday was my brother's birthday, I promised a special
additional gift in memory of him. It's a copy of his favorite book.
It's also Nie Nie's favorite book too.

It's a special copy of the Book of Mormon with a copy of our family picture in it....from when I was, oh 13 years old or so, with a letter from our family.

It was handed out at Jason's funeral to friends and family.
The Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible. It is added scripture. Another testament of Jesus Christ. It tells of a great story, a record of Jesus' visit to the Americas.

After studying the Old Testament this year in Sunday School my testimony of the Book of Mormon is even stronger. The correlations in the two...the way they compliment each other helps solidify that testimony. My love for the scriptures has grown stronger knowing that as I study them, I am closer to understanding them like my brother did.

I wanted to go to Jason's grave site this weekend. Somehow it got away from me.
I haven't been since the day of his burial. I don't know if subconsciously I keep myself from going. It seems I think about it and then forget about it. I'm not sure how I will feel once I get there. Really he isn't there. He is heaven....spending Christmas with Jesus this year.
Lucky guy! That makes me cry and smile at the same time.

So with the Day 6 giveaway, you get a gift from me and my brother, J!
Good luck.

* * * * *

Now onto Day 7 Giveaway!

My felt and vintage button blossom brooches where a huge hit at the Trunk Show this weekend. Girls even headed to target to buy a cute hat after they left to copy the display I had out. These little beauties look darling pinned to hats, scarves, purses, cardigans, belts, lapels and even clipped in the hair. Up for grabs is this grey felt with red button brooch!

Now that is a lot of loot up for grabs!
Four winners total.

Only one entry is necessary here to be entered for both days giveaways.
Tweet or facebook it for an additional entry.
Come back tomorrow evening here to see if you won!

Day 6 giveaway includes a little bit of my heart
Day 7 giveaway is just too cute!

Good Luck!

P.S. I'm still working on getting pictures from my Trunk Show Open House posted from yesterday too! Maybe later tonight or with tomorrow's giveaway.

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  1. Love your blog and darling brooches!

  2. glad to see your show went well. thanks for the great giveaways. :)

  3. Um, I haven't won yet. I'm bound to win EVENTUALLY, right? ;)

  4. So cute, thanks for the giveaways!

  5. Love those birdies and the felt pins are gorgeous!

  6. So happy the show went well. Been praying for your family during this Christmas season

  7. I love the ornaments and felt pin! Sign me up:)

  8. love the felt pin...would dress up anything.

  9. Wowza! I love it! I love the cute little pin. I will have to show you the one my girlfriend made me when I come to town next week. I will facebook it when I get home from work.

  10. What cute things you are giving away! Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend. I like that you are giving away a Book of Mormon in memory of your brother, what a nice tribute to him!

  11. What a fun blog! And the trunk show looks like it was a blast!

  12. The trunk show looks fantastic... And all of your giveaways do as well, as usual :).... Merry Christmas April, to you and your family...

  13. Love your shop! That is such a darling pin!

  14. love love that pin! very cute! keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. Hope im not to late for this 1 :)

  16. ahhh! best day ever! soooo excited. yippy! We for SURE will have to hang out next week! I am trying to convince my family to have a broom hockey tournament at the church one day.... you guys game?


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