This picture made me catch my breath when I saw it.
There is awe and wonder in that little boy's face.
Even though he knows this is one of Santa's special helpers.

* * *

There are so many things I am treasuring with this little guy these days.
Probably because he will be my last baby.
He loves for me to still crawl into bed with him to cuddle.
I ask him all the time if when he gets bigger if I can still
crawl into bed and cuddle with him.
Then he giggles and says he will be too big.
I have to agree with him,
so we decide that he should just stay 'this' size forever.

I'm treasuring his soft skin and the fact that he still is comforted by me rubbing the top of his hand or letting him fling his legs onto my lap to sit real close.
I'm treasuring every single moment with him.
Because he is growing taller each day.

* * *

And I am reminded each day with my 'darling' teenage daughter
that they do grow bigger, and become more private,
and want to be alone in their room to sing or dance
and don't want to be embarrassed with a kiss good-bye.

Blake still gives me big wet kisses when I drop him off at school.
Oh how I love those and am treasuring them.
And then I get sad to think those days will end too.

* * *

So I'm just going to Believe that he is never going to get any bigger.
So I can stop being so teary-eyed about it.

* * *

And speaking of Santa, did you know I am offering free Christmas gift wrap with every purchase in my shop? Well I am and it is sooo cute! Hurry up and get your shopping done so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the season!

{Looking for an item that has sold...convo me and I'll let you know if I have more coming soon!}

P.S. Happy Birthday DAD! You are the BESTEST!!
I love you and treasure our 'garage time together' memories.
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  1. Totally reminds me of that gook "I'll Love You Forever".

  2. That pic. is so perfect, just like him. Looks like we ahop the same shops, we have the same shirt too!

  3. I try so hard to believe that my son won't be getting bigger anytime soon, and then he goes and does something new or does something better than he has before. So hard to slow it all down. Feel free to email me any time w/ siblings w/ SB questions. I'll be open and honest!


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