What I Wore {weeks 3 + 4}

I am one month in...and I am feeling the repeats coming on!
Plus I am the heaviest I have ever been right now
and I know you are all going to say that I am not overweight...
but I am 20 pounds heavier than normal and my choice of
clothing in my closet is so limited because of that.

If I could lose just 10 pounds I would have probably a whole months worth of new outfits!
So I'm shooting to lose a healthy 5 pounds in the next two weeks.
Anyone want to join me?

I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy and she has one of my outfits on her blog post today. I had the opportunity to meet Lindsey at the Queen Bee Market and lets just say that we are friends now!! Lucky me! She is so cute and sweet. And a machine!

Dress - Down East Basics

Cardigan - Juicy Couture at Marshalls!

Boots - Nine West Outlet

Monday - running errands and crafting my heart away for Queen Bee Market.

V-Neck T- Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters

Grey + White Striped Cardigan - Urban Outfitters

Jeans - Rock Revivals from local boutique

Flip Flops - Old Navy

Ring - Darling Dahlia in my shop!

I've had this dress in my blog sale pile for awhile now. Sorry, I'm keeping it. I decided to cut off the bottom 4 inches and make it into a shirt/dress and I am loving it!

{Blog Sale is coming soon. I know I've promised...but now that the Market is over, I have time to breath and re-group and start taking pictures of clothes from my closet for my Blog Sale!}

Dress - Banana Republic altered by me.

Mustard Embellished Cardigan - Target

Jeans - Jeggings from Nordstrom Brass Plum {the cheap section}

Boots again from Nine West Outlet

Ring - Funky Vintage Kitchen {my stash}

Picture taken in the hotel room on the last night of The Queen Bee Market.
I am exhausted...but had to show off my new Allora Handmade necklace!

Shirt/Dress - local boutique

Cardigan - Juicy Couture from Marshalls again.
{Between me and Kaia this cardi is worn regularly}

Jeans + Boots - repeats from above!

Necklace - Allora Handmade in the coveted Grey at market!

Keeping it Real WIWW!
On Sunday we headed to the beach on our drive home.
I had only brought jeans and it was hot....like 80 degrees hot.
And, I wanted to take a nap on the beach while Dave + the kids surfed.
He suggested I put on HIS shorts!
It was hilarious.
They are big on him....so they were extra big on me.
I had them cinched and rolled but there were shorts everywhere.
Every time I stood up, we all would burst out laughing!

Monday recovering after Queen Bee.

Dirty stretched out jeans worn to beach and had sand in the cuffs - Nordstrom

My Go-To Grey + White Striped Knit Shirt - Nordstrom

Flip Flops - Old Navy

Hair Candy - Whippy Cake!!

Tuesday's Chicks in Aprons Thanksgiving Feast!

Dress/Shirt - Banana Republic altered by me (repeat...different week though)

Little Cream Shrug - Banana Republic

Jeans - Jeggings Nordstom

Leopard Print Flats - J. Crew {very old}

Headband - Whippy Cake again!

See you next week hopefully with a few pounds lost!

P.S. Shop update in post below!post signature


  1. i love your style, april. my favorite outfit this time is the blue br dress/shirt and yellow cardigan. fabulous!

  2. April-you're too cute!
    I think I'm going to have to start one of those "chicks in aprons" groups here in S.D.

  3. your outfits are all so adorable, i was drooling at all the cute rings! so excited to see they are from your store! I have to check it out!

  4. Once again, I am totally jealous because of your ADORABLE outfits! and I love that rosette headband! I know what you mean about the weight thing. If I could lose 15 pounds, everything in my closet would fit again. But if it's any consolation, you honestly do not look like you need to lose any!

  5. Cute, cute outfits! You are such a cute gal!

  6. I made it a goal to lose 20 by the next Queen Bee! I started this week. I'm SO with you, 90% of my closet doesn't fit. It'll be like the best no-money shopping spree ever when I lose the weight!

  7. APRIL!!! You are adorable!!! I love your style!!

    I lost 7lbs recently... have 8-10 more to go. I've been on a bit of a hiatus from my diet the last few weeks though. Or month. But don't tell. Let's commit to losing the weight together! {even though you are adorable and don't need to lose anything! but i totally get the feeling... that's how I feel myself!}

    We should email each other daily of our calorie/points (if you do ww) intake! I try to stick to weight watchers during the day for breakfast, snacks & lunch. Then dinner I cook a normal dinner, one that my picky eater husband and son will also eat and watch my portions/fullness!

    This is the longest comment I think I've ever left!


  8. That's so cool that Lindsey highlighted you on her WIWW post this week! I know exactly how you feel about the weight thing. My baby is now 17 months old, and I'm still struggling to lose the baby weight. It wasn't a problem at all with my first, but the second...WOW! It's tough to drop those last 10 pounds. I'm giving WIWW a break until the new year and my hopes are that I can lose at least 5 pounds between now and then. By the way, you have GREAT style. Your WIW is one of my faves!

  9. You have great style! Love the outfits!

  10. Ok, April. 1- I love your wardrobe and want to copycat you. 2- I am with you on the 5 lbs. I have about 8 more prego pounds to lose before I hit my pre-prego weight. I have been stuck. But 5 lbs seems doable... How do I do it though?

    Also, love the QBM candy you left with.

  11. I could stand to lose 15, maybe even 20 lbs but I am so unmotivated! The holidays are coming and all I want to do is bake and eat...ugh!

    Good luck and as always, lookin' good!

  12. I just found your blog via Lindsey and you are are DARLING. Of course you are going to be your own worse critic. I for one love your style and wish I looked as good (b/c I am carrying around extra lbs--boo!)

  13. So cute, enjoying the weekly recaps. I too am 20 lbs heavier this year than last year...it is putting a hurting on my wardrobe! I am totally with you about losing a few healthy pounds!!

  14. I really don't think you could be any cuter. Seriously.

    I adore all of your dresses (how resourceful of you to trim and re-do!), cardis and BOOTS. I must gather my courage and try boots with skirts.

    Love all of your accessories too-especially the GREY rosette (heehee) and your fun headbands.

    So glad The Queen Bee Market was a HIT--congrats!!

  15. Since I'm not crafty AT ALL! I have to brag here a minute--I know how to make those headbands!! I just learned and it's super easy. I made one for me and one for Marin!

    Hope all is grand!


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