What I Wore - Week 5

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy again. She's got a giveaway going on!

I almost feel like I should have done the 30 day challenge this month.
You know the one where you pick 30 different items of clothing
and then try to make 30 different outfits with those items.

As much as seeing all the repeat items here makes me want more clothes,
I'm also a firm believer in owning a handful of clothes that fit well
and make you feel great in. So here goes a lot of items you've already seen...
mixed up a bit! {ok...well maybe only boots, jeans + sweaters}

White Cotton Blouse - Target

Jeans - Rock Revivals Local Boutique

Yellow Embellished Cardigan - Target

Silver Ballet Flats - J. Crew

Turquoise Keep Calm + Carry On Charm Necklace - new in my FVK Shop!

Hair braided and pulled into pony. Mascara only.

I also tried this past week to take an up-close picture. I fall into ruts where I don't do my hair or put on any make-up. This was my way to try to hold myself accountable. Didn't quite work that well. Most days I'm in a pony without even mascara on!

Top - Nordstrom

Jeans - picked up from the floor the day before.

Red Pumps - Buckle

Grey Rose Necklace - New in my shop!

Hair in pony, mascara on.

The weather changed and it got rainy on Friday.

Striped Cotton Baggy Style Top {so comfy} - Nordstrom

Jeans - Jeggings from Target $15 {Mossimo}

Heather Tan Boyfriend Cardigan - Target

Boots - Nine West Outlet

Scarf - American Eagle

Brown Wood Button Ring - FVK

Nails painted a pewter glitter....love.

Hair in pony. No mascara. Failing.

Saturday I hardly had shoes on. When I did, it was my black rain boots.

White V-Neck - American Eagle

Grey Tank - Buckle

Black Cardigan - Target

Softest Grey Scarf EVER - Target

Jeans - IT Skinnys.

Crochet Flower Headband - Emily Sparks Handmade

Hair pony. No mascara....but it was a rainy Saturday.

Blue Dress - Old Navy Maternity
{remember...I'm not pregnant. But when I was...earlier this year, before I miscarried, I had purchased a few dresses at 9 weeks knowing they would go the long haul. A few weeks later when I lost the baby, I was so sad to think I wouldn't wear any of those cute dresses...
but here I am making them work.}

Cream Layering Shirt - Undertease

Brown Cropped Cardi - Target {a few years old}

Boots - brown regulars

Flower Belt - J. Crew Outlet

Hair done! Make-up Done!

Blue Baggy Cropped Shirt *love* - Nordstrom Brass Plum

Jeans - Jeggings Nordstrom Brass Plum

Brown Layering Cap Sleeve - Undertease

Boots - brown regulars

Fallen Leaf Bronze Necklace - New to FVK coming Friday!

Bag - The one Lindsey was talking about last week....
Fossil - Nordstrom on sale for $34.99!

Hair done! But never got to makeup.

Dirty, dirty mirror....Sorry.

White ruffled swing top - Target

Grey striped tank - Nordstrom

Jeans - Jeggings from Nordstrom again

Boots - Black riding boots from Piperlime

Softest Grey Scarf - Target

Grey Mum Earrings - FVK Shop.

Hair in pony wet. No makeup.

And down 1.5 pounds. It might be hard to lose another 3.5 this week with Thanksgiving and all.
Plus I was all ready to start exercising on Monday and hurt my back again on Sunday evening. Boo. I won't give up though. It just might take me another week.
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  1. you are so cute. i love all your outfits. you are one hot mama.

  2. As always, you are adorable! And I love every single piece of clothing (and accessories) that you own!

  3. You look adorable!
    Love that blue baggy top and the boots w/ it!

  4. I want to come live in your closet. You have the cutest clothes ever! If I didn't wear scrubs Monday-Friday I'd totally join in on this! But... alas... scrubs it is for me. Even though I buy the cute ones and have super cute obnoxious shoes... they're still scrubs. Which brings me back to wanting to live in your closet and escaping my scrubs.

    That was the most rambley and ridiculous comment ever.

    Congrats on your 1.5 loss!!! Keep at it... I hurt my back on Sunday too, what are you doing for exercise?


  5. Love it - I think you look fantastic and I love your clothes! My fav is the navy flowy top and the high boots!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. April, you are quite possibly the cutest person I've ever seen! I love every single outfit too.

    Now, if that's what you look like with "just mascara" I would have no motivation to ever wear makeup. Stunning!

  7. April, you are quite possibly the cutest person I've ever seen! I love every single outfit too.

    Now, if that's what you look like with "just mascara" I would have no motivation to ever wear makeup. Stunning!

  8. April, you are quite possibly the cutest person I've ever seen! I love every single outfit too.

    Now, if that's what you look like with "just mascara" I would have no motivation to ever wear makeup. Stunning!

  9. Oh and please post the brand and name of that nail polish. I've never liked dark polishes and this one is amazing!

  10. SISTER KENNEDY!!! you are so cute and adorable:) love the outfits

  11. Your yellow cardi is adorable. So sweet! You've inspired me to head to my nearest Nine West outlet in search of those brown boots. Love them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. If you can look THAT good in no make-up and a ponytail, I think you ought to do it whenever you want AND not apologize nor feel guilty about it. You look great! There are a million better ways to spend 15 minutes (or more) than doing hair and make-up. Since you can get away with it, go for it as often as you like, I say!.

  13. Missy, you look amazing without makeup! I wish I looked that good... instead, I look scary! Your outfits are so adorable... I totally need jeggings. I ordered a pair from ON last week but didn't like them... think I might order some from Target now!

  14. I had to LOL at your "handful of well fitting clothes" comment.You have proven yourself to have more clothing in the last 3 weeks then I have had in my entire lifetime ;) But it does indeed all appear to be well fitting and very cute!

  15. you are precious and i want to be your real life friend. the end.

  16. I love absolutely every single one of your outfits - can I please have your wardrobe, you look fabulous. With clothes and a look as wonderful as yours I really wouldn't worry yourself with getting to make up - you don't need it. I'm so sorry to hear you lost a baby earlier this year. I lost twins a few years ago and it is a dreadful experience. I hope your pain heals well and fast. x


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