What I Wore {week 2}

Another week of documenting my outfits to keep me from wearing the same things over and over again and to have little pictures in my closet to help me remember what I have paired together in the past that I have been happy with! I'm also linking up with The Pleated Poppy.
Over 100 people linked up last week. Lots of really cute outfits!!

Grey + White Ruffled Tank - Anthropologie

Mustard Yellow Cardigan - Target {last year}

Jeans - Nordstroms Brass Plum Brand Vigoss

Silver Ballet Flats - J. Crew

Grey + Teal Vintage Button Ring - Funky Vintage Kitchen

It rained the next few days....crazy California weather.

Striped Grey Tank - Nordstrom Brass Plum Section

Grey Boyfriend T-Shirt - Nordstrom Brass Plum Section

Black Boyfriend Cardigan - Target

Jeans - Standards + Practice Jeggings from Nordstrom Brass Plum

Black Riding Boots - Piperlime {last year}

Plum Blossom Necklace - Coming Soon to my FVK Shop!

I wore my black rain boots all day long. It poured.

Black + White 3/4 Sleeved T-Shirt - Nordies again

Jeans - Vigoss from Nordstrom (I have two different pairs)

New Black Trench - Target

Black Shiny Rain boots - Gap Outlet

Sunday Dress - Old Navy {maternity...but don't tell}
{and no...I'm not pregnant again}

Grey Rose Tights - Charlotte Russe

Grey Rose Belt - Anthropologie

Grey + Black Mary Jane Heels - Payless Shoe Source

Bad day...bad pictures....bad lighting.
I hurt my back over the weekend and this was Monday...my worst day of pain.

White shirt with mustard flower detailing - Anthropologie

Grey Cardigan - American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans - It Skinny Jeans from local boutique

Flip Flops (it was 78 degrees) - Old Navy

Slate + White Stripe Boxy Shirt - Nordstrom

Grey Layer Tank - Buckle

Jeans - Vigoss Nordstrom

Yellow Bead Necklace - Nordstrom Brass Plum

Grey Flip Flops again....it's supposed to be 80 degrees today.post signature


  1. i love all your outfits! they are super cute!

  2. I want those jeggings! Love the combos, so cute!

  3. I agree, that yellow necklace is super cool! All your outfits are cutecutecute!

  4. I love the Anthro top and the Old Navy dress.

  5. Shh...don't tell, but I may have just had to wipe up some drool over that awesome ruffle tank with the yellow cardi. Bestill my heart! And then your dress, your boots and THEN that amazing yellow necklace.
    I feel faint.

    Seriously though, you've got fabulous style!! Very hip and fresh.

  6. Way cool...I wish I were as stylish as you, April!!! :-)

  7. You have such great style! I love all of your super cute outfits. You make me want to run out and buy boots. They look great on you. I really like your blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  8. cute stuff. I wish we would have gone shopping together while I lived there. You've managed to find something from ever store I love. I never find all that good stuff. I just need some pro-shopper eyes. Coming to UT any time soon? :)

  9. You look fabulous! Can you please (oh please) have a yard sale with some of your old loot....cause this girly in NH would sure love some 'ol hand me downs!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Great outfits! Thank you for being an inspiration. Greetings from Germany - Lola

  12. Well, I love all of your outfits! Last one's my fave. Great style!

  13. Nordy's Brass Plum is one of my favorite departments anywhere. Best jewelry.

  14. popped over from lindsey's (my s.i.l) to take a peak at your wiww. SO CUTE!

    the black dress w/ gray anthro belt and tights is my FAVORITE!

    better be watch out i might hunt you down and steal it!!

    ...probably not a great first comment to leave on someone's blog. :-)


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