Weekend Update.

{Dave + Blake at Big Game}

We went to the Big Game Friday night. The Big Game is the big football game between the local rival high schools. Vintage and Napa High. This year was the 39th year....in a brand new, re-built stadium. State of the art stadium with turf. The game started with the dedication of the new stadium. It was great to be there. I spent many high school football games at that stadium as a cheerleader, routing for our boys. The cheerleaders actually did one of the same cheers that we did 20 odd something years ago. Same exact moves too. I had to sit on my hands!! I ♥'d high school. Really I did. I know I'm crazy and in the minority, but I just have so many great and funny memories from those days. Plus my very first kiss took place at the lockers at Vintage High School...to my now husband.


Blake woke up Saturday morning at 6:00 am....moaning....loudly. He says that is what he does when he needs me. I told him next time to pleeeeease just call for mommy. I thought he might need to be cathed, but no, he moaned he had a horrible tooth ache. We kept the pain controlled with tylenol, advil and orajel pain relief swabs throughout the day, but nighttime was a different story. He woke up Saturday night (our night to get an extra hour of sleep...night) at 1:30am and 4:30 am....and he never went back to sleep. So much for my extra hour. I look forward to that night for the whole entire year. Yup....the sacrifices of being a mommy.

Sunday was tough with the pain too and we are hopefully heading to the dentist first thing this morning. Like I have time for dentist issues right now....3 days before we leave for The Queen Bee Market.


Dave + I spent Saturday all day at his shop....working, arguing, working, arguing, creating, painting, kissing, make-ing up, building. We did get so much accomplished once we stopped arguing and he understood that I wanted my things to not look finished and polished...we were good! I'm so excited for my display and how it turned out and can't wait for the big reveal to you all on Friday. I usually set up a 10 x 10 space and this space for this market is 4 x 8. SMALL. But small can be so cute and I have had so much fun thinking about it, dreaming about it, sketching it out and having Dave + my friend Carla help me build it! While we spent the day in the shop together working side by side, we dreamt of owning our own shop space (we share shop space with 2 other contractors right now) and working side by side on a daily basis creating pretty things. Oh we would be so happy doing that daily. Until that happens he will go back to his day job building finished and polished homes for his customers.


This week (well really only 3 days) I still have plenty of things to sew and I need to label and price every single item. Lots on my to-do list....but first things first....get my little boy out of pain and back to himself...with no toothache. Toothaches are no fun at all....he says.

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