To Market! To Market!

Here it is.....

{and guess who won best booth voted on by all the vendors....moi!
I was honored to be among such an elite group of artists. Every booth was to die for. Seriously!}

The booth turned out exactly how I pictured it in my head....and sketched it on paper!
Dave + I built the red frame and Carla + I built the cream bench and turquoise crate.

The lighting in this venue was my only complaint. It was poor. So these are the best pictures I could come up with. Thank you 'fill light' in Picasa.

You can see in this picture above things had already started selling and it was just 4:00 pm.
The magnetic/chalkboard recipe holder frames sold out Friday night.
I'm working on more to put online!

I received such great positive feedback about my range of products and loved hearing people say that they just wanted to live in my booth....or....buy one of everything!

More tomorrow on all the sweet vendors I met!
And what I purchased at the market.

I'm working on taking inventory now to get my shop re-opened with all my new product.
Well...what I have left!!

Thank you for your well wishes and encouragement!
And, thank you, to all you shoppers who showed up and made my first big debut
a complete success.

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  1. Your booth looks AMAZING! No wonder you won!
    With every new blog post about this market I become more and more jealous that I couldn't be there :) Can't wait for you to re-open your shop! I see some things in the pictures that I hope are still available.

  2. I LOVED your booth & goods!! Congrats on winning best booth, I wish we could have met/chatted!
    ~Tracy Creme de la Gems

  3. April! I am so happy for you. You deserve every ounce of all the success you are having!

  4. OH MY WORD!Love it all!
    I hope to be at the May show so I'm able to check out your wares and meet you in person!
    Awesome booth!

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  6. it looks AMAZING! I'm not kidding, you should open a boutique. And can I please come by and do some christmas shopping?

  7. April, it looks WONDERFUL! So funky and vintage. Appropriately. I would have bought everything you had. :)

  8. I'll take one of each too, please! Congratulations! I'm super, super excited for you!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful experience and your booth looks great! Can't wait until you get some of those goodies up on etsy!!

  10. Are those ginormous flower necklaces??? I checked on your etsy shop and did not see them...if they are for purchase please please send me an email:) They'd match my lovely flower earings (which i heart so much). Great job, betchya felt like THE queen bee at the market...


  11. LOVED meeting you. Dont you worry your lil britches, I am DOING QBM again and again... that's only if they will keeping having me.

    PS> Can we be friends? You're the cutest! PS> I want your silver flats your rocked on Friday night!

  12. i love love love your booth. i am both embarrassed (by our tiny little booth) and inspired to create something bigger and better and more beautiful. i love everything i see in that picture! you are a talented lady!!!! congrats on a well deserved win!

  13. I must agree, your booth really was the cutest! The theme/name of your shop and the look of your booth went together so well! It was so good to see you and I'm proud to be rocking one of your button rings! You're one talented lady!

  14. I'm beyond sad that I didn't make it down there. I woke up with a sore throat and didn't want to get my friends twin baby girls (who was going to come with me) sick and Julian was in the beginnings of a runny/snot filled nose.

    I am so happy for you. You deserve all the success in the world. And then some! I can't wait to see your shop updated... I had an entire list of things I wanted to get from you!

  15. Your booth was TO DIE FOR!!! I adored it! :) You did such an amazing job! Wish we could have met in person, maybe next time!! A fabulous market though, for sure!
    xoxox Holly

  16. Yay! Your booth looks amazing! I love the crate so much! And the color of turquoise is perfect.

  17. Wow! Your booth turned out A.MA.ZING! Love that you enjoyed it and did well too! It's so great to other mom's succeed in their ventures! Congrats!

  18. Tooo fun! Must get to a show you're in!!!!!!!!!!!


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