So I heard....

{this cake plate will be for sale at The Queen Bee Market not in cartoon image!}

So I heard someone was a little upset with my cartoon image of my sneak peak of my craft booth! They wanted more. To see the details. I laughed when my dad told me that our friend came to his shop stomping her feet that the picture was in 'cartoon' mode. Ok...maybe she wasn't stomping her feet but I love that this friend, who works across the parking lot from my dad, went to playfully vent to him...about my little 'ol blog.

I wasn't wanting to give anything away just yet. And I am still working on it. Busier than ever. In fact, my parents helped out last night. Mom worked with me pricing items and dad worked with Dave painting. I still have a lot to do and a ton of sewing to get done by Wednesday afternoon....when we start packing up the trailer for our road trip. My mom offered to bring us dinner tonight and I quickly took her up on that offer. One less thing on my list for today. It still is a very long list. I might not sleep tonight but my product and booth will be made with love.

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  1. Good luck this weekend April!! I can't wait to read about it next week :)...

  2. Lol, well if I'm going to be mentioned I guess I should leave a comment! Can't wait to see the booth. Hope you have a wonderful time showing off your beautiful wares!

  3. What a cute plate! I'm bringing some friends with me and we'll surely come and pay you a visit and see how lovely your booth turns out!

  4. Oh I'm so excited and will be checking your blog often to get updates while you're away. Do I need to go over and tidy up your house? That's what moms are for.

  5. I can't wait to see the final pics! Good luck April!!! And have fun because that is what it all about!

  6. Melissa....I will be working at the cash registers...so come find me. If I'm busy I won't be able to chat long, but I would love to say HI!!

    Mom...yes please! Actually when I was making our beds this very morning, I thought....wonder if I could get mom to come wash all our bed sheets while we are gone. That would feel better than walking in to a tidy house!

    Susan, Janet & Dana...thanks so much for the well wishes. I am excited. Just wish I didn't have to sew about 15 aprons tonight!


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