A Little of This + A Little of That!

{my view from where I napped on the beach in Dave's shorts}

It's so cold in the mornings. I hate the cold.
I would rather be dripping sweat from heat than bone freezing cold.
My fingers and toes have been bone freezing cold lately.
I turned the heater on yesterday.

* * *

I crawled into bed with Blake last night.
Instead of getting the giggles...
I got the nibbles and ate him all up.
He was so yummy.
It gave him the giggles,
but I continued to nibble.

Then I got kind of sad, but didn't show it,
that we have to cath him every few hours
to empty his bladder.
And that we have been doing it for 8 years now.
Then I dared to ask him if he is OK being special.
I am waiting for the day that he answers no.
He said YES, but sometimes he wishes he wasn't.

I then asked him if he thinks God made him special
because he knew he could handle it.
He smiled and said YES again.
I told him I agreed.
God knew our whole family could handle it.
I might have been lying at that point.
Putting up a good front for him.
Because for some reason I was sad about it.
But I do believe that God knew what he was doing.

So I decided to just start nibbling again.
And, that made us both happy.

* * *

I'm off to a few estate sales this morning, to the grocery store,
and to a girlfriend's 40th birthday party luncheon.
A girlfriend I share so many fun stories with from high school!

Like the time when she was driving her dad's really, really old truck
and I told her to drive by football practice where all the guys we liked
were out practicing so we could check them out.
When we got there, I managed to lay on the horn,
while I laid down across the seat to make it look like she was in there all alone.
Laying on the horn.

That one still makes me laugh out loud.
Just because I can still picture her face.
Love you, Beck!

* * *

I'll be listing pillows and chalkboards
in my shop this weekend.
And also the sweetest 'Keep Calm' necklaces.
You can start your holiday shopping early.
All my jewelry comes packaged in a little gift box.

* * *

Happy Friday!post signature


  1. Hi I am new to blog found you through the Pleated Poppy. Just wanted to say I love your shop & your blog!!

  2. He is so very special....and so are you! and I'm so with you on the cold thing.....I love the snuggle in bed and nibble idea though!!

  3. oh friend...i need to hug you.

    I actually think God gives us stuff we CAN'T handle...or at least think we can't. because he needs to stretch us. make us fuller. make us lovelier. make us turn TO him more. jill has made me a better person. a more loving person. more compassionate. softer. i needed jill to fix ME. god knew that. he knew i needed a sweet little blonde fairy with big blue eyes to make me a person who thought of others beyond myself. and you do too. your heart works differently now, doesn't it? you have been stretched and pulled and tortured...not because you could handle it...but because God still had work to do in you. and aren't you so blessed in it??? i know i am.

    hugs and love girl. love your heart.

  4. You are such a good mom. :) SUCH a good mom.

  5. Thank you for sharing your heart on here. It's sweet to know how the Lord is using you and your life. It's also good to know how to pray for you, as I have been doing this week.

    PS. I did get my bundle o gold at Target, i hope they still have it as i got it years ago.

    PSS. I wish we lived next door to each other so we could sew together, eat together, laugh together, then lose 5 lbs together, because I am NOT doing good on my 5 lbs. Fail 101!


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