Kaia Made the Team!

We have a Volleyball player in our family!

She is loving it. Practicing All.The.Time.
Day and Night.

Her team has won both games so far
and Kaia has been able to start for the second game both times!
For the most part, she looks so natural out there.

She even got an overhand serve over the net on Tuesday.

I think she has found a new love.

Game On!

Gosh I love that girl.

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  1. Way to go Kaia! Can't wait to see your game today.

    Grandma & Grandpa

  2. She's so cute. I always wanted to be a volleyball player. they get to be tough & girly.

  3. Kaia looks so cute:) I love volleyball too!

  4. Congrats! We are a huge volleyball family over here!

  5. She really looks so sporty out there. I remember those days, that feeling of getting ready for competition. :) I hope she thoroughly enjoys herself. I'm just beginning the days of experiencing these moments as a parent as TO embarks on one activity per season, and I am about to pee my pants with anticipation. Literally. I am.

    I envy you and I envy her. Go Kaia!


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