I Wear Anthro {sometimes}

I wear Anthropologie.
One time I got called a 'jerk' for wearing anthro!
Don't worry....it made me laugh.
It was all in fun.
And, I fell in love with Lindsey even more for it.

I thought I'd share some Anthro that is on my wish list right now.
It's all on sale. That's how I afford it.
I watch those items for a little while online,
waiting for them to get to the price that I think is fair.
Then I order it. Here are a few I'm watching right now...

Right now the best deal in this group is the mustard sweater.
Only $39.95! That's a steal friends. And they still have it in a good range of sizes.
{update: the yellow sweater is gone...kicking myself for not grabbing it yesterday
that is what happens at those prices....if you see it, you need to grab it.}

And that little grey ruffled tank on the bottom left....only $29.95.
Perfect for layering this season.
The center blouse is the most expensive at $59.95
but is oh so pretty and would look so cute with a black pencil skirt
and little black 3/4 sleeved cropped cardigan.

The two tops in the top corners are both $49.95.
I love the blue top but I'll watch it and wait until it goes to $39.95.
If it doesn't....I'll move on and be OK.
It's just a shirt.
{at least that is what I tell myself}

Hello, my name is April and I wear Anthro.
It's an addiction. I get called names from time to time.
But at least now I'm an addicted jerk that shares my secrets!!



  1. you are so smart! and now, not a jerk for sharing your secrets ;) loooove the middle shirt!

  2. Love everything!
    Heading for the website now... you are an adorable "jerk" wearing your anthro ;) I loved Linsey's post.

  3. lol you are such a jerk for wearing anthro! :-P
    thanks for sharing your secret... i always drool over anthro and wish i could own some!

  4. I *heart* Anthro! Shopping the sale rack is the only way I can afford their stuff. I'm just a humble teacher so I'm not really the demographic they were shooting for when they price their clothes. We're lucky to have two stores within an hour from my little rural town. It's always a treat when I get to shop there. Thanks for sharing your faves. I love the sweater. That's a great deal!

  5. i CAn't find the mustard sweater anywhere on anthro!!!! i want it. those are all so cute!!

  6. oh, I LOVE anthro! Even though that yellow sweater seems like a steal, irl it turns out to be a snag-fest; save your money. April, I just found your blog and I must say, I adore you already.

  7. I hear ya girl. I heart that Anthro so bad! Wish I could afford a few pieces but alas the kiddo's always come first:) But wouldn't have it any other way....

  8. I love Anthro too - and don't own any! I think I might start sale stalking too...


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