I Did Something Shameful + I'm Featured Over at Yellow Songbird Today!

First the shameful.....
I tweeted Friday "I just did something shameful....can't tell you now....but I promise to later."

My girlfriend's 40th birthday luncheon was scheduled for 11:30 am.
I knew my morning was going to be busy.
I had a handmade birthday banner I needed to deliver for decorations,
Kaia had an ortho appointment,
I had two estate sales that were mandatory
{part of my business...you know},
and I needed to get cookies delivered to The Table,
an organization that feeds the homeless every Friday.

It was 11:00 am. I still had the cookies to deliver and needed to get to the grocery
store to purchase the ingredients for the salad I was asked to bring to the luncheon.
I knew it wasn't going to all happen in the half an hour I had before the party was to start.
So I made a phone call......

Me: 'Dave, how shameful would it be if I ran by Wendy's and bought three
of their yummy Apple Pecan salads and brought it home, tossed
it in my own bowl and brought it to the luncheon?
I'm just out of time. I've done the best I can do today
to manage my time but I'm just out of time.'

Dave: '{laughing} Genius! Just Genius! I think it would be great...and funny.'

Me: 'Well....I'm not going to tell anybody.'

I swung by Wendy's and ordered three salads with extra pecans, extra dressing and the chicken on the side. Took it home, tossed it all in a pretty bowl and headed to the luncheon. At the end of the luncheon someone asked....."who made this salad?" {pointing to my salad}. Someone responded that 'April made it' and then she turned to me and asked what the dressing was. I responded with a slight smirk....Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

Then the next question...."Who makes that?" Ummm...Marzetti, I said. I only knew this because I carefully studied the salad dressing package just in case anyone asked. Only I couldn't answer this question without giggling a bit. Then she asked, "Where did you get that from?" It was then that I started to lose my somewhat controlled composure.

I tried answering a local grocery store, but by this time I was laughing and turning red.
I never turn red. Everyone knew that there must be a story to the salad and they were demanding I share what was so funny.

I told them it was from Wendy's. They all kind of laughed and said you went to Wendy's to get salad dressing? I said NO....I went to Wendy's and ordered 3 salads and then went home and tossed them in my own bowl and you just ate fast food! Sorry. It was the best I could do today!

And there is your holiday tip for the week. The salad is super yummy.
Everyone agreed. Crisp apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries and blue cheese
with a yummy Pomegranate dressing made by Marzetti's {only for Wendy's}!
I think we all laughed harder than we had in a long time.
My girlfriend whose birthday it was, thanked me for making her laugh so hard!

* * *

Also, some fun news today. I'm featured over at Yellow Songbird.
Go check it out. I ♥ Kim. She is so cute.

* * *

And P.S....the shop has been updated with pillows, chalkboards + aprons, oh my!

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  1. I have to agree- Genius! I'm living overseas and haven't had a salad in 4 months. Oh, how you made my mouth water!

  2. That is genius!! I would sooooo do the exact same thing!!

  3. you know, genuine people are The Best.
    I instantly love you for this :)

  4. shameful? how about brilliant :)

  5. HAHA!!!! i kind of did the same thing the very first Thanksgiving that i hosted, way back in 1994...i wanted to make au gratin potatoes but, only being 25, had NO idea how to do it. so i did the best i could. i bought boxed betty crocker au gratin potatoes and just added a little extra pepper and garlic powder and then put shredded cheese on top of them the last 5 minutes. everyone RAVED about them...my sister (who makes EVERYTHING from scratch) asked for the recipe. i handed her the box and laughed...she was mortified that she actually LIKED something that came out of a box - MORTIFIED!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  6. Wish I could've been at that party to taste "your" salad and give Becky a big hug! I miss you all!

  7. At least you fessed up and they loved it! Don't be surprised if it's there "go to" salad this holiday season! You are a trend setter girl! :)

  8. I'll have to try that salad!!! Too funny! You gotta do what ya gotta do!!!
    Love your blog :)

  9. I've done it before, and I'll do it again! Love that you admit it. You go, girl!


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