Around My House....

A few new {well really a few months old} things around my house.

Lisa M., spotted them in another photo and even commented
that she thought she saw new knobs on my cabinets in the comment section.

I loved that she was looking that 'deep' into the photo.
So to answer your question, Lisa, YES I did get new knobs!
They are from Anthropologie and I ♥ ♥ ♥ them.

We also got new bar stools since the previous ones where getting really wobbly.
Like they were going to flatten like a pancake the next time you sat on them.

I figured it was time for new ones when guests would sit on them and
I saw a hint of fear enter their faces.

These are from Overstock.com. They are a knock-off of the Tolix brand but still well built.
We are loving them too.

And last but not least.......
A few new items I have been working on to take to the Queen Bee Market.

These simple and sweet FVK Blossom Necklaces will be available in my shop when I return.
Drool if you must until then! I'm sorry. If I sell them all before I go,
then I won't have any stock to bring with me.
I know you understand!

I am working on my booth space this week. 4 x 8 is so small, but I have it all set up in my kitchen/family room {which is also small} and it is coming along nicely.

I'll give you a sneak peak once Dave + I has finished constructing and painting my backdrop.
We're a team you know.

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  1. First of all, those necklaces are to die for! Second of all, I can't believe I'm in your sidebar. It's an honor. :)

  2. I am hoping for a necklace and I hope you do well at the market. I am just greedy!

  3. love your new knobs, very very cool!


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